Need Hearth and Flooring Installation Advice!

BlackChamoisJuly 7, 2012

(Note: this is a x-post to the remodeling and fireplace forums as well.)

I am redoing my fireplace (mantel, surround and hearth). I am ALSO installing new wood floors. The mantel will be wood, while the surround and hearth a stone tile. I believe, by code, I am required to have a hearth. It will not be a raised hearth, but rather flush with the floor.

My questions are these:

1) Should the hearth tile go down first, and the floor installed "up to" the tile? (I believe so, but wanted to make sure. I guess the only other option would be to install the floor and then cut out a portion for the hearth, which makes no sense to me.)

2) Will I need a "transition" piece to merge from one to the other (from floor to tile - like a threshold)? Or can the floor butt directly up to the tile? (I was told I need to allow for expansion and contraction of the flooring, thus the transtion piece was recommended. My concern with this is that I don't want a "bump" in my flooring. Most of the pictures that I have seen of hearths flush with the flooring don't APPEAR to have a transition piece, but maybe I am just not seeing it.)

Any recommendations? Thank you!

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The answer to your 2nd question: If you install a floating wood floor, you will need transition moldings for sure to keep the expansion space. If a nail-down or glue-down floor, you will not need transition pcs as long as your hearth stone is close to the height of your finished wood floors. Search on Google images to get ideas. Hope this will help.

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UniqueWoodFloor - Thanks. It will be glued down on 1/4 cork. So I will factor the thickness of the wood and thickness of cork vs. thickness of tile. They may have to "build up" the floor under the tile slightly to get to the same height.Thank you for the insight!

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