Any post Menopause women who have had a stress test?

surfergalJanuary 24, 2006

Dr. said he heard a heart murmer, and because I was getting dizzy last year with increasing exercize (I joined a circuit gym last year and then dropped out because it caused more problems than it was worth - backaches, sore knees, dizziness, total tiredness - and no sustained weightloss after 6 months while watching diet using web program.) he wants me to do a stress test next week. Now I wanted to try working out again again, got a new Dr.

Any hints? Clothing? to get thru this? I am overweight and totally out of shape - he said I could do the chemical induced one if I needed too. They said it is only 7 minutes...guess I need to start getting in shape now...

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Is it the stress test you are worried about? I don't think you should be. It isn't really a test of endurance or strength. The doctor wants to know what kind of shape your heart is in, not your body. You will be hooked up to all sorts of monitors and carefully watched. The poorer shape you are in, the less you will be required to do because it will take less to stress your heart. I wore shorts, but what you wear above the waist is kind of irrelevant as I recall, because they will be sticking things all over you and so I think a clean bra or camisole is what you will want to have on under your street wear. I am not sure that I remember of all this right though it has only been about six months. A stress test isn't something you train for - it is more like something you do to make sure that it is okay for you to begin an exercise program.

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Thanks I guess I was mainly worried about clothing, and being able to sustain 7-9 continous minutes of heavy exercising. I sure hope it is not on an incline, my knees are quite bad

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Wear comfortable shoes... I made the mistake of wearing shoes with a heel that was higher than I normally wear and had to cut the test short because of a leg cramp... LOL

Just relax, there's nothing to worry about.. It's a snap and if something does snap there are plenty of doctors around... LOL


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It mainly is to study the monitors to determine at what point your blood pressure and heart start to react to the "stress." They should have called it something besides Stress, because all it is, is walking on a tread mill at a certain pace that would be reasonable for a person of your age/weight etc. The really fancy ones, also measure things like oxygen intake. No big deal. They gave my husband one once. They quit after about 30 minutes of watching nothing happening. All he did was work up a sweat. The blood pressure and pulse stayed within a happy norm. The doctor decided that he was healthy and happy although a little overweight.

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Just an update - all that worry, and the treadmill part was so easy I could not believe it. I was a little short of breath when they finished and said I had reached my target heartrate. I was amazed, as I am very out of shape. Clothes did not matter there -The second worst part was having to wear this huge gown, no bra, pretty open in the front for all the wires although they did tape it for me - the armholes were so big you could see every thing anyways. The very worst part was when the technician kept jamming the ultrasound wand under & into my breast before and after the treadmill. I had to brace myself on the table she was pushing it in so hard, I thought she would push me off. Something was really pinching into me when she pushed, Not sure if it was a probe with a wire attached that was being pushed in by the wand or just the tip of the wand. THAT really hurt, almost as bad as the mammo. I had a mammo and the stress test back to back, but it was done quick so I had time to treat myself on my half day off to some shopping, but I got dizzy halfway thru the store so did not buy anything. I must say, This was the very worst (painful) mammo I have ever had too. Also,the blood pressure monitor for the stress test, wow, I have never had anyone cuff me so-o-o-o tightly before(three times!). She said something about the "lower your pressure is the tighter they have to wrap..." or such - never heard that before. No doctors were present when I was there, just the technicians, who were quite nice. Well, wonder when I will see the results. (Last time it took a month to hear from Dr. on my mammo, then another month to get an appt, then another month to get a referral for breast ultrasound, then same for a needle aspiration..)

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oh PS - went to the gym Wednesday and did some low level excercises to get started. The new manager said he had been reviewing my chart from last year and could not understand why I had not seen more progress - he said I was at the gym more often than any other member, during the same period.(duh! yeah I went 3 days a week for the first month, then 4 days a week, then 6 days a week - and I was there for an hour each time, though they sell the circuit traing as a half hour session three times a week...gotta get all those people in) yeah, also relieved that he is pushing his new cardio machines then the circuit weight machines - I did not think the circuit did anything for me the way the old manager did it. The graphics on all the machines said to to the slowly, but the old manager insisted slow was not the way to go.... He said we will do machines twice a week at most, concentrating on proper form and slower movements which should get better results.

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It sounds like you came through the stress test with flying colors. I've had so many of those darn things and it seems every time, they do something different. One of the times, I had the thaliam(sp), (dye), test and as soon as my rate got up high enough, they litterly threw me on the table to take the pictures...Talk about fun! I just go with the flow....Have to give you alot of credit for going to the gym and working as hard as you do....Keep up the good work!

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Glad your tests are over and it wasn't as bad as you feared.

Your statement about not making as much progress as you thought you should after all that time at the gym caught my interest. I was going to Curves for 2 years and taking walks most days of the week, but I found my progress was VERY slow. My heart rate went quite high from not much activity, which was alarming because my resting heart rate is slow (even when I'm totally out of shape). I felt frustrated that I wasn't progressing more. I had to quit going to Curves because my schedule changed and I get home too late now.

Anyway, keep us posted on your results, will ya?


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