how important is a slip?

gibby2015June 2, 2012

I don't wear a lot of skirts and dresses any more. Can't remember the last time I wore a slip. Do people still wear these or have they gone the way of stockings?

I'm going to China in a couple weeks and it's really hot and humid over there so I bought a couple sundress/skirt type outfits for the days I'll be a tourist. Do I have to wear some kind of slip? Kind of defeats the idea of trying to keep cool in my mind. I'm thinking no slip but thought I should get another opinion on this.

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Stand in front of the mirror with a bright light shining behind you (behind your behind, lol!) Can you see anything? Mainly, a slip is a good idea so we can't see what you've eaten for breakfast, so to speak! If the dress is opaque enough, you can skip it.

The other way a slip helps is to smooth things out. Clingier fabrics when worn over a slip glide smoothly over your curves in a flattering way. Again, your dresses may not require any further underpinnings if you're pleased with the drape of fabric over your physique.

Wow, have a great trip and let us know how you enjoyed China when you return!

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Some of my friends wear nude cycling shorts under sun dresses. That way if they blow up, nothing shows. You can still see a silhouette of your body in strong sunlight, but that doesn't seem to bother most women these days.

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Slips are great for two reasons. If you're in hot and humid weather, they keep your skirt/dress from sticking to your thighs/hiney, which can be embarrassing.

They also keep people from staring at you if they can see through the material of your dress. :)

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I think the cycling shorts are a great idea, and would also keep the skirt/dress from sticking, given the nature of the fabric and how they fit.

As for seeing the outline of your legs, what's the big deal? Don't people think that your legs continue all the way up under the skirt? LOL They still see less of the shape of your legs than if you were wearing shorts or slacks.

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In my case, my biggest worry isn't if my skirt would stick to me, I'd be more worried about my thick thighs sticking together. When I wear a skirt I always use culotte slips, but the bike shorts would work well too.

"Thick Thighs" say that 5 times real Ok, here's another - say "Unique New York". Sorry, I'm must be tired. I'm sure you will have a fabulous time in China.

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Culotte slips! Yep, that's what I'd wear.

I guess I'm old fashioned. If a person can see the outline of my upper thighs through my dress, then they can also see the outline of something else. lol.

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Good to hear your opinions. I always thought the main purpose of a slip was to prevent seeing a silhouette in the sunlight - like that one famous picture of Princess Di. If I were wearing shorts you'd be able to see pretty much the same thing. So as far as that's concerned, I say who cares but who knows what's expected in China plus I'm traveling with some male business companions. Hadn't thought about keeping the dress from sticking to me - maybe that's worthwhile. Instead I'll have a slip sticking to me but I can see how that's better. I don't think I got rid of my slips - they must be somewhere. Guess I'll dig one out and bring it along.

I'm really looking forward to this trip but I absolutely hate heat and humidity. When I choose the timing of vacations I always go in the spring and fall. This is mostly a business trip though so no choice in the matter.

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I wear dresses all the time. I always wear a half slip or petti pant slips. I don't like the way some dresses get caught on my underwear in summer, tights in winter. I'm murder on my slips though. If they are too long for a dress, I just cut them with scissors. I can always pick up more at the thrift store. Good luck trying to buy a new one around my hometown. They do not exist.

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Another tip. There is a product called "glide" that can be found in sporting goods and running stores. It is packaged like deodorant stick. Its purpose is to put on areas of the skin that may rub together, to prevent uncomfortable friction. If you will be out and about walking in a skirt or shorts, this may add to your comfort.

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I don't have any problems with friction so that's not a concern thankfully. It's more the see-through thing that I was wondering if anyone cares about any more.

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I like the idea of a culotte slip or pettipants. I found one on Amazon that comes in beige, black and white, and can be cut to the desired length.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon pettipants

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"If a person can see the outline of my upper thighs through my dress, then they can also see the outline of something else."

Oakley, unless your anatomy is significantly different than mine, I can't imagine what you think they could see? They could only see the outline of your legs if the light was coming from behind you - do you have a tail or something that also hangs down? LOL

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They can see the outline of your crotch.

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So thick thighs is a good thing? :)

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

What a nice thread when it to often seems camel toes and shirts for dresses is the norm.

I would wear a plain cotton slip - like what many summer skirts are lined in. Do they make those, lol?
All those bike shorts and white lacey things make me think of girdles and underwear. And hot.

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They can see the outline of your crotch.

That would have to be a mighty sheer skirt.

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"They can see the outline of your crotch."

What? I assume you mean they can see the top of your legs, and see where they end, just as they can in a bathing suit, pants, capris and shorts? Or does that mean you aren't wearing underwear either?

Natal, LOL!

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Okay, parts of this thread are hilarious but other parts have been very educational for me. I have big thighs too (my friend calls it "Chub Rub" ... um, referring to herself, not me, but it applies to me as well) and it never occurred to me to wear bike shorts under a skirt, nor did I even know that culotte skirts even existed! Today is a big day for me!

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Well, I did find a slip in the depths of my lingerie drawer. Only had one in there though - must have purged all the others and just kept one for good measure. It's so old it makes me wonder if the elastic in the waist will hold up - you know how elastic craters when it gets old. It seems okay. Maybe they made better elastic 20 years ago than they do now.

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I never liked slips so now that I don't have to, I don't!

Usually, if I buy a sheer skirt it has a lining attached to it. But I'll only do the cotton lining - can't stand the slimy feel of polyester and the like. If it's too sheer and doesn't have a lining, then I don't buy it.

I do wear bike shorts under skirts/dresses in the summer because sweaty, sticky thighs (remember I'm in Texas) is just way too uncomfortable.

I'm thinking that China adds a whole new dimension to the slip/no slip debate. I say when in Rome or China as it were . .

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Funny recent slip story: we were visiting in another state to attend DH's big high school class reunion. He hadn't seen these people since then many, many years ago. I had every outfit for the long, multiple event weekend planned out and packed, or so I thought. The night before the final, big banquet I discovered that I'd forgotten my slip! The outfit had a long (thin) dark silk skirt. I tried it on to see if I absolutely needed a slip and both DH & DD got big-eyed and said, "Yes, you definitely need one!" With only an hour available before we had to leave that next afternoon, we headed to the huge Walmart a block from our hotel. After searching the store for 15 minutes to no avail, I finally asked a sales clerk where the slips were. She said the store stopped stocking them two years ago because no one buys them anymore! OMG, I do and I needed one then! With no other stores close by, I went into a panic search mode. I finally bought an inexpensive, long, smock-topped slip-type silky dress and a pair of sewing scissors. Back at the hotel, I just cut off the spaghetti straps and about 14" off the hem and wore it around my waist as a slip. It worked out great, although I was very grateful it wasn't windy as we walked in from the parking lot. The sight of my hacked off "slip" was not a pretty sight (LOL)!

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I'm with Kelly. I don't like slips!! I don't wear many skirts/dresses, but I love the skirts with the lining/slip attached.

I've not tried bike shorts in place of a slip.

Les, you are too funny!! Yes, we all have a "crotch" (male or female!) and you can see the outline in pants, bathing suits, whatever. Unless you are not wearing undies, I think you are safe!


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