Voluntary Grief Survey

katerina_tApril 19, 2006

My name is Katerina Tolstikova; I am a PhD student at the University of

Saskatchewan. I am conducting a study that explores how people who lost a

loved one are coping with grief. Currently, there are two mainstream views on

coping with grief. One approach suggests that bereaved individuals are best to

focus on their feelings and share their emotions with others. Another approach

emphasizes searching for meaning to make sense of the loss. Each approach to

grief suggests a different coping and counseling strategy. My research attempts

to find a connection between emotional coping and meaning-making in order to

better understand the experience of grief. I hope that the findings from this

study will allow combining the currently separated counseling strategies into a

more enhanced approach.

The entire study will be conducted using an online survey over the next six

months. I am interested in inviting people from around the world to reflect on

their grief experiences.

Participants answers are confidential and anonymous. This study has

received ethical approval from the Ethics Review Board at University of


Completion of the survey will take around 30 minutes.

Thank you for considering this request. You will find the link to the survey

below for your review. Your help is most valuable! Thank you for your support.

Please click on or enter the following link in your browser:


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, I can be contacted at:



Katerina Tolstikova, M.A., PhD student

Department of Psychology

University of Saskatchewan

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I have some problems with that survey:

"I get upset and let my emotions out."
You seem to equate letting some emotions "out" with being upset. It is quite possible to have emotions with getting upset.

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Thank you for pointing this out. The statement should read "When I get upset I let my emotions out". I will fix it to avoid any confusion. Hope other questions are clear.
If you feel that you do not like/understand a question feel free to skip it. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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Hi Katerina,
I will take the survey tomorrow when I have a 30 break.

My grandmother was born in LaFleche, Saskatchewan but she married and moved to Gladstone, Manitoba. I have been to Sask. several times for family reunions. The prairies are beautiful in the summer!


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Thanks, Kompy!

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Katerina, I can't click on the link and can't get it to open. I sent an email to you. Can someone help me connect to the link?

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Thanks for your interest, corgilvr! I have not received your e-mail, but I am including an interactive link to survey here (hope it will work). Altrnatively, you can copy the link in my firt message and paste it to the web address line. Let me know if it still does not work.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grief Survey

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