Fever Blisters....I'm wanna do it.

rabbit8January 28, 2003

I experienced a large fever blister coming on my bottom right side of my lip while at work last night. It looks like it may have some something in it, maybe water or something. I purchased something for it at winn-dixie. Should I go ahead and burst it now? I see where a little one is trying to come on the other side of my lip.

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I would only burst it if you want it to spread.

Pick up a bottle of L-Lysine in the vitamin department and take a couple every few hours. That should help cut down on the days you have the fever blister.

Good luck!

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When I get one I will pop them, it makes them heal much faster and the pain lessons quite a bit. I have never had one spread because I released the fluid. Just my experience!

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I have to admit I'm as bad as bbolts, I too pop them, then I put (only at home) clay mask on it, the clay drying tends to pull the liquid out and it heals faster, with no scabing. Probably not the best thing to do, but until I have a problem, I'm gonna stick to what works.


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I don't pop them, but mine really hurt a lot, and I tried breaking a Vitamin E gelcap on them, which helps. chery-va

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I hope every one reading this is aware that an eruption of "Fever Blisters" or "Cold Sores" is actually Herpes which is a highly contagious viral infection and can be spread by contact. I would be very careful "popping", or "bursting" it! There is the very high possibility that you might spread it, or infect someone else with this virus.

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This is rabbit3. It seems as though you are saying I have herpes. Sorry, I don't have herpes and hope never to have it.

Thanks any way for the information

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rabbit - Herpes Simplex is commonly referred to as Cold Sores or Fever Blisters. It is a viral infection of the skin that may occur once or return again and again. This is because when the virus is cleared from the skin by the immune system it hides in the nerves and is never completely removed from the body. Herpes infections are very common. It is estimated that nine out of ten people have been exposed to herpes. Many people are infected and donÂt even know it. Unfortunately those who carry herpes can spread the disease without even knowing it.

Herpes simplex begins as a group of small red bumps that blister. Sometimes this is preceded by itching and burning of the area. The blisters begin to dry up after a few days and form a yellow crust. The crust then falls off and the redness slowly goes away. The whole process takes about 10-14 days. Scars rarely form. Some people experience just some itching or burning in the area while most people have no symptoms at all.

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tropical muse is correct. fever blisters, cold sores, and chicken pox are all forms of herpes. popping it could spread infection.

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Poke a hole in a Vitamin E capsule...apply to fever blister a couple of times a day & it/they will be gone in 2-3 days.

Works everytime for my family.


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I have a problem with cold sores and stress. My DR prescribed Valtrex which in normally used for genital herpes but I take a mega dose when I feel one coming on and it is gone in two days. Also holding an ice cube to it helps reduce the pain and the swelling. Nothing to be ashamed of some of us are just blessed I guess! My Mom never had one her whole life.

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On the other hand, Without getting terribly paranoid about all this,,, I get a fever blister whenever I eat movie popcorn.. have decided that it's the super-fine salt they put on it. Don't eat popcorn at the movies, don't get fever blisters. Haven't had one in 30 years unless I ate some pre-salted stuff.

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A friend went to her gyn. when she got a yeast infection for the first time (and 2 weeks after that). All the blood work came back negative.

She is prone to cold sores (started only 1/2 year ago after a bout with shingles) and she is now paranoid that she is going to get genital herpes.

What are the chances of getting genital herpes if you are prone to getting cold sores?

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Fever blisters, shingles, chicken pox and genital herpes are different forms of the herpes virus. Blood tests can tell if your body carries these viruses.

Marie, your friend's gynecologist or any MD can explain the difference to her better than I can, and help put her mind at ease.

She could get genital herpes from an intimate partner who is infected, however, even if they don't think they are having an outbreak, so she needs to remember that.

Abreva cream helps stop fever blisters from getting big and dries them up fast, and Suzi mentioned vitamin E oil which helps them heal.

My friend used to get fever blisters often, especially when under stress, but he takes a lysine tablet every day along with a multivitamin and now he hardly ever gets them.

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Let me be a voice of experience here, so listen closley. there is type 1 herpes, which is on the mouth, and then there is type 2 herpes that is the genital type.
You CAN spread the type 1 from your lip, to the genital area. It is not genital herpes (type 2) but type 1 on the genitals. It is spred there by oral sex given by someone who has a fever blister. How do I know this.......my daughter got type 1 that way. That is a tuff one to try to educate people about. She will still have to tell everyone she has sex with about it. There is a stigma with anything on the genitals, type1 or type2. She got it from her first sexual encounter and she is only 15 years old. it is so sad.

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I know it can be expensive, but using ABREVA works good. You do have to use it though, as soon as you feel it coming on. I dab it on before I go to bed and it numbs the cold sore and by morning it has already started healing. It is about $15.00 for a little tube, but it is worth it.

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Wait I am confused... Kinda anyway.

So I just got a fever blister (from eating something I am allergic to I guess) do they keep coming back? And if so die that mean I'll have to tell any partner in the future?

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Isabelle, are you sure it is from a food allergy? Have you kissed anyone on the mouth recently? Kissing is the surest way to spread fever blisters, if your partner is having an outbreak (and they aren't always noticeable) you can catch them that way.

The only way to be sure is to visit your doctor while the fever blister is in full force and the doctor can take a sample and test it for the Herpes virus.

Good luck, and let us know what your doctor says.

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It is a form of herpes, but not the sexual kind. My family have always had fever blisters. I rarely have them anymore. When I do it is just a slight familiar feeling that I am going to have one, but it never develops past that. You are never suppose to pop a blister of any kind, you are creating an open sore.

Every member of a family needs their own tooth brush and tube of tooth paste, to prevent spreading things like this.

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Isabelle, rereading your post, if you have a food allergy it probably wouldn't present as a fever blister.

Also, to answer your other question, if you get a fever blister you do have the Herpes virus and it will return in the same place again and again unless you use preventive meds. Stress is the trigger for my Shingles (a form of Herpes) and I get them on my lower back when I am stressed. However, I started taking Valcyclovir (generic for Valtrex) daily instead of just when I got an outbreak and haven't had an outbreak in over 4 years. I can feel them coming on, the ache, the itchy, the tingling but I take an extra dose at that time and the outbreak never happens.

There is a stigma attached to Herpes, but know that many people have it and it is not necessarily caused from sexual contact although it can be.

I also agree with those who say do NOT pop the blisters, tempting as it may be. The fluid inside is extremely contagious and will make any part of your body that touches the fluid infected. If you pop your lip and it rolls down your chin, you risk getting breakouts on your chin. Let them heal naturally.

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I just got a fever blister today, and I have an important event oon sunday, its now thursday ... I did pop my blister , but it was swelling up my whole side of my mouth, I look like I got punched in the face! .. I have been using pollysporn and lyrine , I think that's what it is , and nothing seems to be helping! .. I dunno what to do! , somebody please help me! :'(

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I am not sure I have a fever blister. it would be the first one in my life. It is on the skin of my cheek and on the my lip. It started as sort of blind pimple lump for weeks. Then it got a whitehead, so I popped it, got white pus and fluid out and squeezed it until I got blood. Since then it has cracked my lip and looks different. Then I thought it might be a fever blister or a skin cancer. I have never heard of either getting a white head and white pus though. What fo y'all think?

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It sounds like a fever blister, herpes simplex, so PLEASE don't pop it again. The pus from inside is infectious and can spread to other parts of your mouth or body, which sounds like it already spread to your lips. Don't kiss anyone, you can infect them as well, and don't touch it or play with it, use a lip balm made for herpes or fever blisters to help it. Try to get to a doctor immediately before it completely heals, they can diagnose it and get you on meds to prevent it from returning or spreading.

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Popping the blisters only makes it feel better it is not helping. It can cause scar tissue over time. Since it is on your lip it will not look to good.

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Are you saying on the INSIDE of your mouth? If so it sounds more like a canker sore. Fever blisters don't have pus. The liquid from a FB is clear like the blister from a burn. Google Canker sore and see if that's what you mean.

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Pris, they said it was on their cheek where it meets the lip, not inside the mouth. Definitely a point of a fever blister, not a canker sore.

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I'm a college student majoring in dental hygiene and I just finished a course called microbiology. Basically the study of organisms only visible by microscopes. One thing we studied was the herpes virus. Like a few people have posted before me there is herpes simplex 1 and herpes simplex 2. My professor and textbook stated that herpes simplex 1 infects basically from the waist and up while herpes simplex 2 infects the genital area. On rare occasions they can both infect other areas but the outbreaks are milder because the virus is not where it naturally thrives. Both are highly contagious but they're actually the most contagious right before the visible outbreak of blisters occur. I still wouldn't advise popping the blister because of scarring though. If you happen to accidently pop it, immediately use soap and water to wash off the infected area so that you prevent the spread of the infection .

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The symptoms antigone presented still don't say fever blister to me. If not a canker then I vote for an infection caused by squeezing and mashing what could have been a pimple like eruption. If so, she needs to get to a doctor to have it taken care of. This is why squeezing pimples is not recommended. An infection anywhere on your face is very close to the brain and can cause serious problems.

We've all had those tender bumps about the size of a pencil eraser that sometimes come to a pus like head and sometimes just absorb back into the body. The trick is not to mess with them.

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Denavir can be prescripted by your dentist. I always have it on hand. As soon as I feel the itching, I use it and the out break is a lot less and it heals faster. (You keep re applying, as needed). I have suffered with cold sores since I was a young girl. It seems to have lessned as I got older. Yes stress affects it, I also found that chocolate and nuts could also affect an outbreak when combined with other factors such as getting a cold or stress.

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