Refinishing/updating wooden flooring

Jakzof3July 20, 2011

How does one go about making a wood floor look like new again?

Does it have to refinished? Everything taken off and sanded and then re-stained or can it be buffed up and sealed again. Our floor is really still very nice, but with the remodeling it has become scuffed and just has lost that beauty it once had. We don't know who does this service or what it is even called. Is it just refinishing and then a clear coat applied? Hubby and I know it needs to be done but not sure who in our area even does this. Indy area of Indiana.

The floor is dark wood...and has been down for 30 years, but still is very sharp looking...just needs a lift.

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An additional coat or two on a wood floor is what we used to call a 'buff and coat'. This sounds like what you need. Some of the major finish manufactures have systems for improving the adhesion of the additional coats. Bona Prep and Tykoat are two of these products. Certain contaminants such as wax or silicone which interfere with adhesion are difficult to remove completely. There is some risk that the new finish will lift if there are contaminants on the finish especially at the edges of the boards.

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Sorry it should be Tykote not Tykoat

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Funny you should ask this today.

I just got done using this floor restorer on my engineered hickory wood floors and it looks fantastic. I don't know how extensive you want to go but maybe this is all you need.

Read the reviews and see what you think.

Here is a link that might be useful: Floor restorer

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I would sand and refinish as some finish wont stick. I would use Waterlox. Great product and I am using it on my hickory 3/4" x 3 1/4. Looks fabulous! Its is expensive here in CA about 100 bucks a gallon, but worth every penny.

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