Husband is Diabetic..Help

berkJanuary 5, 2005

We just went back to the doctor today and the doctor thinks he is a diabetic because of 2nd. blood work the glucose went up instead of dropping after fasting.

Anyhow what can he eat as snacks now. He is a sweet freak and is all ready driving me crazy and I have been on the internet for hours and not finding a real list of what is safe for him to eat so if anyone has a site I can go to please let me know soon.

He had to stop drinking his home made wine too...I may have to start drinking it now!


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Ask the doctor who diagnosed him ... he's the expert.

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How open minded is your husband? The trick here is learning to tell the difference between chosing health, and feeling deprived of some things he's been used to eating. If he's a bright man, he'll focus on what he CAN do to control his health but he's going to have to make some changes in his priorities of course.

Education is the key...Did your doctor mention anything about nutrition classes in your area? Many hospitals offer classes for smart diabetic eating, you could start with calling those nearest you.

(and I'd skip those sweets you often see in drug or grocery stores that are supposedly safe for people watching their sugar, especially if they contain sorbitol...flatulent doesn't begin to describe their effect on many)

Here is a link that might be useful: Diabetes site and helpful links

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How difficult for your husband and for you. You might check out the American Diabetes Association.

Here is a link that might be useful: ADA

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So, your doctor thinks he is a diabetic and then sent him home with no teaching or referral to a registered dietitian?

I would look in the phone book for a Registered Dietitian to provide an exchange plan for him and to do nutritional teaching. I think your husband will be literally amazed how good he will feel if he starts eating fewer sweets and healthier eating in general.

Dietary consultation is crucial for newly diagnosed diabetics. I'm surprised your doctor didn't recommend it. And daily exercise is important too -- just a 30 minute walk every day.

Finally, in my experience (I have a HUGE sweet tooth), if I can get past the first week without cookies/candy/cake etc., it's easy from there. I stop craving them, partly because I don't feel the cravings and partly because I feel so much better without them.


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I had a similar experience. I went to my doctor a year ago because the backs of my hands had become numb. I asked for a fasting glucose test. I went in and had blood drawn, but I never got any results. When I called my doctor she told me that she had ordered some blood work, but none for diabetes so.......I had blood drawn again and heard nothing until I called and was told that the test indicated I was diabetic and I should diet and exercise and try the test again in a few months. I did. I got no results again. After a couple of weeks of emails and phone calls I was finally told that the diabetes had gotten worse. That was it. No appointment, no nothing. I left the HMO on Jan. 1 and hope to do better for myself. We'll see. Meanwhile I am struggling with a sweet tooth the size of Manhatten.

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Thanks for ther info. I went grocery shopping yesterday and spent 2 1/2 hours reading labels. I found several things sweetened with Splenda that are low in fat and carbs and last night I fixed baked fish, used a little olive oil, steamed brussel sprouts and baked onions and my husband was full.
I checked diabetic cookies compared to vanilla wafers and the vanilla wafers had less carbs and fat in them! So I got him a box of them and he was happy to stop eating after a handfull of them.
I am sure the next reading will be better!

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If he is able, encourage him to take a short walk every day, about 30 minutes. It will do wonders for his blood sugar. I've known people who were able to completely bring their blood sugar under control just through diet and exercise.

I still highly recommend contacting a registered dietitian through the yellow pages. Diabetics really should have professional guidance in planning their meals. It sounds like you're on the right track though!


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Dietitian is a good suggestion... but there are better.

What the OP's husband needs is consultation with a Certified Diabetic Educator. No only can they help with meal planning, they can consult regarding testing and treatment of diabetes.

Diabetes is a serious disease and must be treated as such.

Most commerical insurance companies pay for a set amount of hours of diabetic education for new dianosed diabetic patients.

Be Well!

D. Adams, NP

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Try this website:

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My husband was also diagnosed with diabetes about 2 yrs ago and the dr's office set up an appt with a registered diabetes nurse who gave us lots of information and suggestions.

He eats a lot of sugar-free foods, like jello and other things. We make iced tea and put splenda in it, too. I make a lot of things from scratch because there are often lots of hidden sugars and salt in processed foods.

I second the suggestion about exercise. It is one of the best things to do for diabetes. DH exercises regularly at the fitness center and lost weight so that he is at a normal weight now. He wasn't obese or anything, but an extra 20 lbs can make a difference. His medication helps, too, so that when he takes his blood sugar, it is always normal.

Good luck to you and your DH.

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