What the heck is wrong with me????

LinLeeJanuary 6, 2006

This probably isn't a "health" issue...more of a mental

health issue. Throughout my life I get obsessed with

things. (warning...spelling NOT being one of them)

Early 20's it was fashion...advanced to photo styling,

celebrity handeling, large scale show productions.

Got married bought a house and soon became obsessed with

gardening and DIY construction projects. I dumped the fashion field, learned all that I could about gardening...

became a Master Gardener 3 years in I was a Hort mgr at a major university. Left that to start my own design company. 5 years in now I'm totally board and am now searching for a new passion. Is anyone this messed up!

I would so love to find a passion and be able to stick with it.

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Well, judging from your two passions, fashion and horticulture, you are obviously a very visual person. So perhaps you could get into photography. Because it's such an enormous field, you can always change what you decide to photograph over the years, be it people, nature, art, etc., without growing tired of photography in general. Good luck, your past efforts make me inclined to beieve you'll be successful at whatever you decide.

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Stay with your passion but add God to your list.Make Him first in your life and your passions second .You will find out sharing your gifts with others is quite for filling.

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Are you a Gemini?
I totally have the same problem. I am not a master of any trade but totally know about nearly every trade! I think I just like to try new things. I don't ever think that I cosidered this a problem for me. There isn't anything wrong with learning new things and being excited about it and trying to know as much as you can about it!
It seems that you do this and once you learn as much as you think you can you want to learn about something new.
I don't think it matters that you lose your passion for one thing, it just matters that it transfers over to a new thing and that you are happy learning about this new thing. I would be more worried if you said that you totally lose passion about everything.
I bet you would love web design! That would combine all your skills!!!

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I agree w/ goldy

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Hi goldy...no, Capricorn, so totally out of character
as far as the astrology thing goes.
I guess you're right, as long as you HAVE a passion
you're on to something. It's just very tiring to have to jump to something new every 5 years or so. And scary
that you won't amount to anything because you can't
stick with it long enough. I'm generally not a whiner,
but the anonymousness of the forum lets me vent.
It's nice to see I'm not alone.

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I mentioned the wrong poster in my reply.

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Linlee, to answer your question... Nothing... You just haven't found yourself yet... There are a lot of people out there who stop whatever it is they do, after they've perfected it, and move on to other things... If you're not happy with what you're doing quit... You're married, lay back and be a kept woman for a while... LOL

If you feel like you just HAVE to have a profession, before jumping in with both feet, stop and think of all the possibilities that go with the job, the good and bad, then picture yourself there in 5 or 10 years... If you don't see yourself in that picture choose something else...

Then again there is absolutely nothing wrong with changing jobs every five years... When I was young I had 5 different jobs in one year, secretary, dime store clerk, switchboard operator, waitress and switch room helper for the phone company... I stayed with Ma Bell until I could no longer put up with all the politics and just walked away from the work force... Now I work my butt off at home... LOL


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I would say that the only thing wrong with you is that you like new challenges. I think the longest that I ever worked at one job was two years. Then I went to work for my husband as his office manager. Oh,, I hated that!!! After I got it straightened out and running like it should I wanted something NEW. Anything would have done. Just so it was not the same old same old.

My advice??? I have none. Just stick it out until you stumble over something that you think will satisfy for awhile. Don't fret over finding something that will be your passion forever. It probablly won't happen. I think that changing interests is what makes some people very interesting. They are always searching for New Worlds to conquer.

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FWIW, have you considered taking an aptitude test - they tell you where your interests lie and point out what you're good at and generally point you in the right direction. You could call the local colleges and find out where they're given.

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Have you taken the Amen tests for ADHD? or adult ADD? I did when I was 60; finally at 62 I decided to take the little pill daily - give it a try. Well, I am more able to concentrate, more able to make a mental list and DO those things, even the things I dislike. I can stick with things, too.

Of course, you may not have any of this at all. (I hope that's the case!) It may be that for you, life is a Smorgasbord and you are interested and curious, and have passions for many things. Once you get as good as you can, boredom sets in, and you are ready to tackle another challenge. What's wrong with that? Who Ever Said you have to stick with something forever? What's wrong with quitting when you are ready? You are not hurting anyone. Not even yourself. Keep being curious. I delve into hobbies full bore; then the fun is gone, the challenge has evaporated. What would one have me do? Keep going until I am suicidal? LOL! Hang in there; maybe a rethinking of what a wonderful mind you have is in order. Appreciate your intelligence!

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There is **NOTHING** wrong with growing, developing and then out-growing some interests. This means you are alive.
I can't believe how FEW interests some people have.

Personally I think you are an artist! You just need to find your "medium"...whether your palette contains pants, or plants, whatever! If you really want further insight into yourself, try some of the new age stuff.. it's fun and enlightening. ..

It's a big beautiful world out there, and you are the type who wants to experience as much of it as you can. Go for it.
Remember the line from Auntie Mame: "Live, life is a banquet and most of you [expletive deleted] are starving to death!"

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WowÂthank you all.
I was in quite a sorry state of mind
when I first asked the question. I was half
expecting that I might possibly have been
opening myself up for some really snarky comments.
That was my first "health" forum question.
I can see now that you are quite a supportive group!

In hindsight and from some of your comments, I
see now that I am not really unhappy with how I am.
Researching something new just gets my juices flowing.
I believe that my frantic call for help was because
of guilt, plain & simple.
My husband canÂt understand how I can be so involved
and good at so many things and still manage to not
make any real money. As I recall we had just had
words before I wrote that.
So again, thanks to all, and itÂs comforting to know
that there are so many of Âus types out there. ;o)


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