Secondary Infertility Question

enjoyingspringJanuary 27, 2013

My daughter has been told she has secondary infertility. She gave birth 4 years ago to her son, had no trouble getting pregnant. She has been trying for 3 years to get pregnant, last January she became pregnant but lost it at 8 weeks, then got pregnant right away and lost it at 7 weeks.
She has been to a fertility clinic and they told her the next option is ivf. Very expensive and no guarantees.

Has anyone ever gone through this or have you known of someone. Also, if you know of someone who had the ivf did it take or did they miscarry.

Now when I see families with only 1 child I am wondering if it is by choice.

Would appreciate any information you may have.


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I know someone that couldn't carry a child and had 2 or3 miscarriages. She kept going to different doctors finally one asked her if she had cats and litter boxes. She did. She got rid of those things and had a beautiful baby.

Cell phones can also cause fertility problems, especially when carried in the pocket.

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