betty_the_villagesJanuary 29, 2005

Has anyone ever had Diverticulosis? If so tell me how long the pain stays.

What can you do about it. Could the pain be from something else if it stays for over 2 weeks?

God Bless!

Betty in Florida

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Here is a good site that might give you some information.
Has your doctor given you some antibiotics? If so, and you are still having pain, You need to check with him again.

Here is a link that might be useful: Diverticulitis

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PB, Thank you so much. Yes, I had to go to the ER two weeks ago. He gave me antibiotics for just 5 days. That did not help.I had a follow up a few days later with a doctor. He just ordered more tests. I have had one and I am scheduled for another one on this Tuesday. Then I have to wait for 8 more days to see him. The pain has not stopped as yet.
I read the article you sent me (God Bless You!)
I know there is something wrong that needs attention, from reading the article. I had a pack of antibiotics from a time I had a cold, a Z Pac. I decided after reading that article that I would start taking them. I feel I cannot wait till the ninth of next month to see the doctor again. Doctors are so busy now a days that you are lucky to see one in a few weeks.
I can't thank you enough for sending that information.
Betty in Florida

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Betty, PLEASE DON'T ever take any antibiotics that haven't been prescribed for your particular condition. Especially since you are having tests. You could change the results. See the doctor on Tuesday for the tests, and tell him that you can't wait for 8 days for help. You may even have to go back to the ER if it gets too bad. It's very important that he get the proper diagnosis of exactly where the problem is.

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PB, I already started taking them. I have been resting all morning. The pain now 4 hours after I took the antibiotic has eased up some.
I am going to call the doctor in the morning and tell the nurse I have to see him immediately. Maybe they will work me in.
Thank you for your concern. I already had most all the tests. The test for Tuesday is a nerve test...what ever that can be, I do not know. That is the last one for before I see him again.
I have had a cat scan, an xray on my spine and a bone densisty test. I will tell him what I am taking.
After reading the article, I know that I need antibiotics very much. I am not worried about taking them.
I feel confident that I need antibiotics.
I will let you know tomorrow what the doctor says.
God Bless!
Betty in Florida

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The advice PB gave to NOT take antibiotics unless they have been properly prescribed is correct. In addition, they are not cold treatments except for people who are prone to pneumonia whenever they get a cold in which case the antibiotic is given as a preventative measure. Otherwise, NEVER take antibiotics for a cold. Doctors know this but they do it anyway which is negligent medical practice. Over-prescription of antibiotics

In addition, an entire prescription of antibiotics should be taken until there are no pills left; never stop taking them before that or you can create a "super infection" that is harder to treat. Never take antiobiotics left over from a previous prescription (which should have been taken in its entirety anyway).

These are things that doctors know but many of them don't teach their patients -- they just hand them out like candy to make the patient think they are doing something for them. I know these things because I grew up with a mom who was a Registered Nurse and she learned it and passed it on to me.

Please insist on an earier test.


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I have Diverticulosis and the antibiotics that are prescribed for that are Sulfa drugs.
It is the one that has given the best results.

Twice I have had to take them and have complete bed rest.
I have been lucky.

Betty, you need to really get back with a doctor
immediately and do exactly what they say.
If not, you could get into serious trouble.
Diverticulosis is a very serious thing.
Please do not take it lightly.

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My sister has it, when she has pain it means she has an infection or other problems in there that needs a doctor's attention. Her doctor told her, it's serious and could kill her if she didn't take care of herself.

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This is an update; I have had several tests. Now they say it is not Diverticulitis. But, they do not know much as yet. I have had an x-ray and it only showed some Arthritis in my spine. That is not good either. But, the doctor is not sure if that is what is causing the low pain across my lower abdomon..close to my leg joints too.
I just had a MRI and I will get the results of that next week. I will let y'all know what they find if anything.
I still have the pain. I took my last antibiotic today. But, I suppose it will not help :-((
Betty in Florida

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I told the doctor that I was taking an antibiotic. He said it would not help any. My MRI turned out good. Nothing wrong there.He gave me the sulfa drug. The pain has gone away. So I guess I do have Diverticulitis.
It is something I guess I have to live with. They say it pops up every now and then.
I want it to just stay away...smile.
Betty in Florida

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I have diverticulosis. It flares up occasionally. I try to be careful not to eat anything that could get stuck in those pockets. My Dr. told me that as soon as I feel tenderness ,to lie down with a warm wet compress over my abdoman and cover it with a plastic bag. He said it did not have to be real hot - just comfortably warm. This usually keeps it mdeveloping into something that requires antibiotics. Just thought I would pass this a long. It is nothing to fool around with so please take care.

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Thanks! I will remember that. I would not of thought of it.
God Bless!
Betty in Florida

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Yes, please be careful. My diverticulitis was discover when my colon tore and I ended up with a temporary colostomy.

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I had 3 painful attacks this past year lasting several days. When I had the last one in January I went to my new doctor (we had just moved to TX) and she said it was divertcolitis, but because I was in pain she sent me to the ER where CT scan, MRI and nuclear tests were performed. It turned out I had acute appendicitis, and a benign ovarian mass. I was admitted and had an appendectomy and complete hysterectomy(I'm in my 60's).
Neither my old Gyn or FP doctor had detected anything, both of which had seen me in the previous 5 months.
What were the results of your tests?
Good luck!

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