Low Red Blood Count

mona_2009January 25, 2009

My father, age 92 has anemia. Would daily shots of B-12 and Iron help? He had no other medical problems.

Doctor only sees an OLD man and said to call in hospice.

Any suggestions???????

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B-12 works on pernicious anemia, which a believe is something entirely differet than iron deficient anemia,so it may be of no use. Iron can be pretty hard on the stomach so you would want to approach that with caution.

I do agree that it is maddening when doctors write someone off because of their age. I had a friend in her mid 90s who become ill this week and was sent to the hospital to die. Well she didn't come close to dying. She was dehydrated from the flu which made her weak and disoriented. She was re-hydrated and is her old self again.

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