Mohawk Smartstrand versus Dupont Stainmaster??

apbnashJune 16, 2009

I am very much a newbie to the carpet market but have decided it's time for new carpeting, after living with the same off white plush now for nearly nine years. I have four kids (11,9,6 and 2)and currently no pets, although we may get a kitten in a couple of months. (A declawed one).

Anyways, I had someone out from a mom and pop carpet store (friend from church) and he brought several samples. I decided to go with a Frieze. He priced a Shaw Cabina in 100% BCF PET Polyester with Cleartouch. It's a 3.5 for traffic and says 4.87 by 7.25 by the style (not sure if that's significant). It has R2X stain resistancy and comes with a LIFETIME warranty for stains and a 10 year Textureguard warranty. The price is $17.99 a square yard. Also, labor (I think this includes all labor for carpet and pad plus removal of old carpeting)is $5.00 per square yard. Does this sound about right? Is this good carpet??

I also got the price for a new carpet from Mohawk in the Horizon collection. It's 100% Stainmaster Tactesse BCF Nylon. It is $21.99 per sq. yard. 7year stain warranty, 10 year each for texture retention and abrasion. Also, any health concerns with Dupont teflon or is that just myth??

The pad he quoted was a 7/16, 8 lb. for $3.50 a sq. yard. There was another (green) one he brought but it was $4.00 more and I just didn't think it was worth the cost.

But, on here I've been reading a lot about Smartstrand and have asked him to call and give me a quote on that in the morning, if he can get a hold of a sample. Hopefully, he carries or can get that line.

Of these three choices, which would be the best for me? This is for a bonus room, along with my 11 year old daughter's bedroom, which is adjacent.

I'm a bit confused about Smartstrand being Mohawk and the fact it may or may not also be Dupont. It's polyester too, right, although a PTT, not PET poly, whatever that means!

I've heard that Poly's are more stain resistant but more likely to wear while Nylon's are just the opposite and also softer. But, I've also heard that the new Poly's have come a along way and are redeeming themselves. So, what's a mom to do?? Sorry for the length of this post. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Just looking at the fiber types, here is how I would rank them:

1) PTT Smartstrand best - great resiliency and superior stain resistance.

2) Stainmaster nylon - a close second to Smartstrand.

3) PET - very good stain resistance, not as resilient. Does not stand up to foot traffic as well as the other two.

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Jbranch nailed it. Can't say I recommend a PET polyester for your use.

Oh and PTT has been reclassified by the FTC (federal trade commission) as Triexta...learn more about that at

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Just an FYI for anyone considering Mohawk SmartStand Carpet (like my wife is). I found this on Twitter, Mohawk is testing the SmartStrand Carpet with a Black Rhino who will be tromping all over the carpet for two weeks starting the August 14th. I told my wife if this carpet holds up to this our kids and friends should be no problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: SmartStrand Challenge with Ricko the Rhino

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I sell them both...I have a large Smartstrand Gallery in all our locations. I also sell Stainmaster. If I was a consumer looking for a pillow underfoot, I would choose Sorona Smartstrand. If I am being completely honest and I wanted to be sure of durability and a product that will clean well, I would purchase the time tested Stainmaster yarn. I would purchase a good piece though. 25.00 per yard carpet minimum plus pad and labor because stainmaster allows manufacturers to sell some junk with their yarn also..I continue to have some questions about Smartstrand that are being worked on. Their warranty is confusing. It demonstrates a bleach solution on their color wall,however; warranty details my people are telling me states that warranty is voided when bleach solution is used. That is a concern. My company is doing a test as I write this on Clean ability of Smartstrand vs Cleartouch vs Stainmaster Nylon. We placed Mustard and grape jelly on products and we plan to clean at an associates meeting. I am anxious to view. I am going to sell Smart Strand regardless of my test or confusion of warranties as the softness it has can't be compared to anything. I just refuse to mislead my customers and I have to know 1st hand how well it does clean. I also have Shaw coming into the company this Thursday to discuss the smartstrand warranty and indicate they will point to some details I was unaware of as I have embraced Smartstrand in a big way as late. I am featuring it in a 20000.00 flooring giveaway, and I want to makesure my facts are straight when I discuss the products.So within the next week I will have formed a strong opinion on it. I do really like it but Stainmaster is proven and time tested. Good luck.

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Hi, referring to the last article on this page, I want to know which results there are for the tests you have done with the Mustard and grape jelly.

Also i you have further details concerning the view of Shaw I really am interested in this too. Because I know Shaw has simular kind of products with this ptt polymer...

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We took 3 samples of carpet that we had available to us. One was a sorona smartstrand , 1 a shaw cleartouch with r2x stain protection and then we used a shaw produced Stainmaster.All were similar cut piles.The short of it was this ..When we attempted to clean the products right away R2x treatment did best, smartstrand came in 2nd. When we waited 3 days to clean the products...Smartstrand prevailed as we were able to use bleach to completely remove any evidence. Bleach on the other 2 removed the did not affect the Smartstrand. We used an off white color carpet. This test we not scientific by any means, we do sell all three. Shaw does make a PTT carpets, they do not wear as well as Smartstrand or a nylon in my mind. Only an opinion but we do live and breath carpet around here. Good LUck.

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shaw cleartouch with r2x is not similar to smartstrand. It is a topical treatment. When doing these stain test you should run them multiple times, steam cleaning each time. I guarantee you after a few cleanings there will be dramatically different results. The stain protecting used in r2x comes off after each steam cleaning. After a few times there's virtually no protection, at least that I could see. smartstrand on the other hand was consistent each time it was cleaned.

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I stated this exact statement to a Shaw technician on Tuesday of this week. He stated it does not come off and that you will only read the statement written from amateurs. I am not a scientist to know. We can not steam clean deck boards to test it. The technician indicates that it is tested in Shaw laboratories and it does not come off.Who's right and who's wrong. I can not find facts that it does come off and Mohawk does not declare that it comes off and they are constantly shooting arrows at Shaw whenever possible.

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