Black Cohosh/Dong Quai/Soy/Hot Flashes..Need Actual Experiences

nita1950January 5, 2004

I am 54...and have been suffering from extreme hot flashes. Doctor won't prescribe HRT..cancer risk. He did give me Evista but it contributes to hot flashes but is good to prevent osteoporosis. I am very healthy otherwise with no other medical problems or major surgeries. It has been suggested that I try Black Cohosh, Dong Quia and also soy products. What about Soy Shakes...are they pleasant to drink? I went to the health food store today and the manager was very busy. I was not able to ask questions due to the shortness of time left on my lunch break.

I need responses from those who have tried these products or know of someone who did and their exeperiences. Did it help or not? How do you determine the proper dosage? How immediate do you see results?

Any other suggestions regarding minimizing these hot flashes would be appreciated. I am miserable.


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I'm 52. Hot flashes for about 3 years now. I started taking soy isoflavone capsules a few month ago. Flashes stopped within 2 weeks.

I buy 50mg capsules at Costco and take 2 in the AM and 2 in the PM for a total daily dose of 200mg.

Works for me. YMMV

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YMMV...this is very helpful information. I had heard about soy pills at Costco a few weeks ago. Meant to check them out over the holidays and just never made it to Costco. Perhaps these are the same ones. I am ready to give this a try. Thanks....Nita

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I don't know if you know Dr. Phil on TV. He had a program on this very subject. His wife went through this and she told of her experience. Her formula's are on his web site. I am 51 and suffer from hot flashes and have had headaches at least 2 weeks out of the month ever since I can remember(Dr. said period related). Once I started taking them I noticed no headaches. I stopped taking them they came back. I started they went away. I have done this again same thing. I also don't have the sweats either. I plan on staying on them I feel so much better.

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THanks..I will check out this website of Dr. Phils.

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