Help Identify this find and removing paint.

maggie_berryDecember 31, 2009

Can you identity this king size bed? I fell in love with this bed when I saw it in a second hand shop. After getting it home, I realized that it was poorly painted black by the pervious owner. I believe it is solid cherry wood because the color, and grain of the back of the headboard. I canÂt be sure with out a professional looking at the bed and I know I canÂt bring it to them for just a look. So, I am hoping someone knows more about the bed, like who manufactured the bed ?

Also, I am thinking about removing the black paint.

The pervious owner did not prime or sand it, they just painted it black, complete with drips and They skipped the very top flat top piece of the bed completely. I donÂt know if I would be better off trying to remove the paint and re-paint or to remove the old paint and then re- stain.

Lastly, it has to slots for the rails set is 79 inches apart, which makes it a king size bed and the other is set at 73 inches. Is that for a Queen?

any work to be done, I will have to do it. Lastly, I loved the bed when I first saw it so, if nothing else what would you clean this piece with? Would you use mineral spirits to clean painted furniture or just soap and water? The first 2 pictures are the headboard and the last 2 are the footboard.Any comments would be helpful.

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