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vacuumfreakJanuary 9, 2007

Lately, I've been seeing glares even in the daylight. I've always been senstitive to sunlight, but this problem is upsetting me. Just wondering if you can give me an idea as to what I should research before going to the eye doctor. Even in full daylight my cell phone charging light, candles, and even overhead lights will glare. I've never had to wear glasses or contacts. Thanks!

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Maybe you should research Photophobia. It basically means that you have a sensitivity or intolerance to light.

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You're turning into a vampire...sorry,it was a joke.
I have the same problem and so does my husband.Dont think there is much that can be done for it.

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Hi vacuumfreak,
When you say "glare", do you mean you are just really sensitive to the light? Or are you seeing reflections?
Are you on any medications that might make you light-sensitive?
Sometimes when I drink caffeine I can be much more light-sensitive than usual.
Are you at an age where your body might be changing a bit?
Do you have migraines/headaches?
I sort of vary quite a bit in how light sensitive I am from day to day. Let us know what your eye doc says about it. (It is an opthamologist that you'll be seeing, right?)

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