sheet vinyl removal help

bkmenaJune 19, 2012

We are having ceramic tile installed next week. We need to remove sheet vinyl from our kitchen and laundry room. Surely,someone on the forum has done this before and has some tips. Appreciate any ideas to complete this project.

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It depends on how it was installed. Best way to find out is pull up along the edges and see. If you've got a transition strip nailed down, pry that up and then go at it with the floor.

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Most vinyl flooring, other than that of recent years, is a multi-layered construction of a felt-like backing, a foam cushion middle layer and a design/wear layer over that. How old is your vinyl floor and what is its construction?

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I don't know the exact age of the flooring, but I'd guess 15-20 yrs.

It is on concrete slab.

Tried a heatgun...didn't make much difference.
Scraped with a floor scraper which took of the plastic layer-leaving paper like layer. Ideas?

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You really need to get it down to the slab. There is a tool...I think it's called "The Black Widow," that fits into a Sawzall (reciprocating saw) that looks a bit like a 4" or 6" chisel. Used properly, it really helps to dig up the old vinyl.

If you get it down to the cardboard-like material, sponge on a lot of hot water to loosen it. It should scrape up pretty easily after that.

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My steam mop helps to loosen the paper/adhesive for easier scraping. But we still have quite a task ahead of us. The stuff should be outlawed :)

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"The stuff should be outlawed"

If it is mineral fiber asbestos, it already is. If your floor is only 15 - 20 years old, it is unlikely that it has an asbestos felt backing.

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