NAET and/or air purifiers for asthma & allergy

BUTTON55January 8, 2005

We have numerous allergies, asthma and a cat (to which some are allergic).

I am researching NAET for relief from allergies - is anyone familiar with it?

Also wondering what kind of results folks have had with air purifiers (i.e. Sanuvox for HVAC system, or room units) or air filters (i.e. Honeywell electrostatic for furnace). Anyone know anything about ionizing purifiers or those that emit ozone to purify the air (I am still unclear as to whether they are one ane the same).


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I've heard of NAET, and can find no studies (clinical, double-blind kind) that show it is any better than sacrificing black chickens. It only works if you believe it does, which is not science.

Considering that ozone is a well-known respiratory irritant, one would think that something that generates it would be the last thing you want in your house. Both ionizing purifiers and ozone generators can pollute your house to well above the level that would have a city calling a bad air day.

We're down to environmental controls - the usual routine of removing dust trap surfaces, decluttering, using HEPA filters when you vacuum, and using really good air filters in your HVAC system. Start with the cheapest remedies and continue until you feel better. Have a friend come in to do the dusty part of a thorough cleaning, and leave you to maintain them

Also, consider using one of the allergy suppressants, such as Claritin, because if you keep the symptoms down you will have fewer problems with the asthma.

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The AirSource 3000 is a terrific air purifier designed to work safely and effectively in spaces up to 3000 square feet. It utilizes a new technology called photohydroionization to clean the air by producing superoxide ions and hydroperoxides or "friendly cleansers". It is not an ozone generator, but emits low-level, passive ozone,in amounts below the 0.05 ppm (parts per million) FDA recommended threshold of safety.

There are no filters to clean or change; just a UV lamp that needs to be replaced once a year. You will notice a marked change in your air within just a couple of hours after you plug it in.

Click the link to read about the AirSource 3000 air purifier:

Here is a link that might be useful: AirSource 3000

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We have a Honeywell HEPA air cleaner in our bedroom and family room, and an old Kenmore ionizer cleaner in the office. The HEPA filters make a world of difference to my husband, we have two cats and he has allergies and asthma.

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