Necrotizing Fasciitis

zoewolfJanuary 3, 2008

I recently contracted this flesh-eating bacteria and spent the holidays in the hospital. Apparently I was extremely lucky and caught in time, as I still have all my body parts (my right thumb was where it originated - just a tiny, little scrape -- who woulda thought).

I understand that this is a fairly rare disease and that the mortality rate is close to 30%. Whoa! God saved me for some reason.

I was just wondering if anyone else has either had it themselves or know of someone who has?

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I don't know anyone who has had it, but we've sure been hearing a lot about it lately. I'm so glad you were not a fatality.

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What a terrible experience for you. I too am glad you are ok.

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Yeah...I knew a couple of people who had it....they died!
You are indeed special!!
I had a serious infection in my right thumb as well... originating in the prick fo a rose thorn and being exacerbated by whatever is in the guts and the skin of a raw turkey.
No hospitalization....just a very bad hand for about 24 hours until the antibiotics kicked in....and a semi bad hand for another week.

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You are indeed very lucky and I'm so glad for 62 yr old (presumed healthy) sister-in-law was rushed to the hospital on New Year's day with TSS and NF from a presumed spider bite on her back side about 5 days prior. After hours of surgery to remove infected tissue which left a huge defect, the surgeon gave her family no hope for her survival after her kidneys failed. She was in a coma & on a vent until Jan. 10th. While still very weak, unable to walk alone, she has a wound vac, and is very slowly making gains. Needs extensive skin grafts and possibly another 6 wks in the hospital. And this after the surgeon giving her a less than 50% chance of surviving more than 48 hours due to kidney shutdown and MRSA. We are all so thankful. This is one VERY scary disease process.

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I had NF. Oct 25th. 2006 I was in the hospital 20 days, had 4 operations including a skin graft.
they used a wound vac on me to help speed up the healing.
I was lucky I survived, my surgeon said I was 2-3 days from buying the farm.

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