Bereavement Counseling

socksApril 3, 2006

On the radio (NPR) this morning I heard an interview of a husband and wife who lost their 22-year-old son in Iraq. The wife said their family was "drowning" in grief, and when they got bereavement counseling, it was like someone threw them a life preserver. So if anyone here is on the fence about going for counseling, maybe this family's experience will encourage you to go.


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I agree 100%

That's an excellent way of putting it..& felt the same way.

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Ditto, Socks & Brycesmommy, I'm with you all the way there. But let me ask a REALLY dumb question here. And I am no stranger to grief, and ran a grief support group several years ago. Is bereavement counseling the same as bereavement support? Or does support come under the category of as a type of counseling? Sorry for the stupid question. Support/counseling can be a lifesaver. It saved me with the death of my infant son in 1986, and again in June 2005 with the death of my 18 year old daughter.
Emma in PA

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I still can't do it. I dont know why ? I guess I just think why? it wont bring him back. Also because im not that much of an outgoing person to stand in fromt of people and tell them all my problems. Its almost the same as this group but you dont see me when I cry like a baby.Maybe im just silly but thats how I feel. sorry to be such a bummer.
always tracy

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You aren't a "bummer" Tracy! You have to follow your heart, and if you know it won't suit you, then you should not go. I wish you well.

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Tracy, follow your heart. Several bereavement counseling places were recommended to us. None felt right. I got major support from good friends who helped so much when we were trying to put one foot in front of another. I also have gotten support from this forum. All of us, in one form or another walk in your shoes. We understand your pain, and we're happy to listen, any time. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

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