Quick Question re: sealing stained concrete (wax?)

cat_herderJune 9, 2007

Quick question:

Following advice of our fellow experts here, I stained our concrete slab for 1400 feet of the floor in our new house. It turned out absolutely amazing. HOWEVER, I used therecommended acrylic sealer provided by Kemiko - 2 coats, rolled on with fine roller. When first completed, it was amazing.

THEN, the painters came in, finishing carpetners, etc etc. Even with paper down, sawdust migrated under onto the floor. Long story short, now 7 months later, the floor is flat and dull. It looks like the acrylic sealer is mostly rubbed off or lost its sheen. And, it scratches so easily it's infuriating. My 2 year old son drags a plastic car across teh floor and it leaves abrasions on the finish. The Roomba turns in a little cirle and it makes circular abrasions.

I was considering getting an epoxy self-leveling finish to put over it, but our Sherwin Williams guy says not to, becuase it "cooks" the acid stain underneath and can ruin its appearance. He recommends waxing instead. (He also said not to bother doing anything to the existing acrylic - either remove or recoat to eliminate abrasions - before waxing. He said the acrylic has soaked in, and the waxing over the top as-is would be fine and would eliminate the abrasion marks.)

Bottom line - I want to put a sealer on the stained floor that will hold up to 3 little kids and heavy home use, with a minimum of maintenance. I dont want to have it dull again in 6 months, or be clearing out the entire downstairs to reapply every year, either. What do you recommend?

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I have both finishes in my house. The older floor was waxed and they used acrylic finish on the new ones. I don't think it was Kemiko's though.

I was told that one can put acrylic on top of wax but not the other way around. I was going to research it thoroughly to avoid doing something 'stupid'. I didn't like the wax finish for the same reason you don't like yours: everything leaves a 'scratch' mark on it. The waxed floor gets dull all the same - there is no way around it.

Plus, I was told it had to be professionally waxed once a year and, though the fee wasn't bad, I resented not having a DIY option, especially that the fee keeps going up. With acrylic, you can (at least) do it yourself and it is easy (I was told) - just use a rayon mop.

When it comes to concrete floors, I would not take your SW guy's word (not at all!) but consult as many concrete floor experts as I could find (in my experience, there will be quite some differences in opinions among them). This is what I was going to do in the nearest future (as soon as I finish the rest of remodel), so I'd be very interested in what people say to your question.

Have you considered using area rugs?

Also, check out the post called something like "Porcelain vs. Ceramic" (might have been on the Kitchen forum). Tom posted a link there to a website that might give you more info. I might be 'missing the point' and stained concrete floors may be a lot better than I think.

And one more thing. Somebody has told me recently that one can get a bucket of wax at Sam's club for a good price and rent a buffing machine to wax it DIY.

Good luck and let us know what you find.

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Have you contacted Kemiko? I would suggest contacting them before trying other solutions.

I noticed on their site that they really don't recommend the use of rollers for applying sealer..........scroll down until you see 'Sealer Information'.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kemiko info

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Actually, the instructions that came with the acrylic seal, including those on the can, require use of a fine-nap, small roller. We followed the manufacturer's directions to a "T."

I spoke Kemiko on Thursday - they are the ones who said to wax straight over the acrylic, to protect it and give it a longer lasting shine.

I saw a produce called HIllyard Class Wax, which claims to be better for preventing abrasions. (designed for classrooms that have chairs and desks slid around in them) Anyone every tried it?

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