Grion area Pull or something else?????

andrelaplume2January 21, 2011

I?m 45 year old male, 5-9, 188 pounds, just joined gym w/my 14 year old son. I had an assessment and was given a program. I get to the gym twice a week. It takes me about an hour to my program that attempts to work out various parts of the body and I also use the bike an / or treadmill. One thing they gave me to do were these sit-up type things though not a full sit-up. You lay flat, bend a knee, put your hands behind your head and sort of bend up moving your shoulder towards your opposite thigh. I only mention this because it seamed so easy. I ?d do two sets of 12..sometimes 3. Sometimes I?d notice my midsection get numb. I?d rest a few seconds and finish?maybe I was doing something wrong. Maybe I pulled something. Anyway was at the gym for eight weeks or so prior to Xmas.

On Xmas day I went to?.well?pee. I did so, no pain or anything. I noticed afterward it still felt like I had to go. This lasted the day and was very annoying that night. I was able to go and empty my bladder?just always felt like I had to do more but there was nothing there to come out. That lasted 24 hours.

Next I had a weird feeling in my testicles?not a pain?maybe like a pulling. That came and went over a few days from one side to another.

Next I had weird feelings in my extreme lower abdomin(?) under my belly but above my pubic hair area. Now and then, after a work out (which I had been skipping or toning down) the pee feeling would return. Sometimes the testicle thing too.

I went to my family doctor and as expected got the works. No blood work or urine test but ?other? teste. He said I had no signs of hernia or prostrate issues and I thought I heard something about a poop test in there. Never heard anything back on that one. He said to take two Alleive a day for a week and try to skip some of the exercises affecting that area. I stopped doing those sit-up type things and some exercises involving weights around that area. I still did the tread and bike.

Things felt pretty good while on the Allieve. I?d take it at 7am and by 5pm I?d feel the symptoms coming back but it seamed to be getting better. Once off it I did some work in the basement and went the gym?nothing crazy?a mini workout. Those feeling came back a little.

Its been another week and I have been trying to take it easy. I still am at the gym and we?ve had some snow. The ?feeling? occasionally works its way down to my testicles but mostly its settled on left side way down under my belling to the left or right just above my pubic hair line?.I notice it mostly when sitting straight up and it sort feels like a pulling or knot. I feel no lumps or anything though and it not painful just annoying. After I ran 1.5 miles on the tread the other night I had the same exact feeling on both sides?sort of down by the pubic bone off to side maybe.

Anyone know what this might be. Is there something there I could have pulled or strained that could cause all this?something that ties all these areas together?.I still think back to those sit-up things and the numbness I?d sometimes feel. I can go back to my doc but he mentioned scans and stuff next. It generally only seams to get worse after I work out or twist and stretch in funny directions?.or am sitting staright up in the car with the seatbelt on.

Note this has never been painful just various pulling sensations that were traveling all around the nether regions?though now mostly concentrated maybe 4 inches off center from my belly button but down sort on in the folds of the belly and thigh.


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Are you feeling better yet? Sorry no one had an answer for you, but hopefully the pain is gone.

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It could be a deferred pain coming from an issue in the back. I have severe back issues and often I get the pain you're describing. Get a work up done on your back. I would think an mri is in order to get to the bottom of this, no pun intended.

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