I Need Help With Installation Direction!

MelissaRDHJune 27, 2013

I have read that it looks correct to install the boards straight in from the front door not side to side which I could do although I could also see it the side to side direction more. But if it looks best straight on I'd do that. my dilema is when you walk in you run into staircase in about 10 feet that goes upstairs and downstairs, when you go up the stairs you can see the mid and lower level floors as it is a catwalk hallway to the bedroom that runs horizontal to the door and I think it would look funny running the boards vertical up there to match the other two floors. So what do you think? Would it look strange to have the upper floor in one direction looking down over a floor in another direction? Would it look fine to run hallway wood side to side instead of the long way? Or should I run the floor on the other floors horizontal to the doors in the house to match long running boards in the upper hallway? The floor will be lauzon red oak riviera stain so fairly neutral I think.

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What's your subfloor? If you've got wood joists, you should run the wood on any floor perpendicular to the joists.

I don't think there's any problem at all with upper floor wood running in a different direction than lower floor wood.

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the mid and lower floors are concrete, I have NO idea which way the joists go on the top floor in the catwalk bedroom or loft. Would the joist automatically run the length in the catwalk/hallway? It seems odd that the floor go side to side in a hallway though doesn't it? How can I tell which way they go? Tight now it is all carpeted and my plans are only to do the bottom 1000 sq ft floor then later in the year do to mid floor and next yr do the upper. Do I have to remove carpet to find out which way the joist run upstairs? UGH projects suck!!!

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