Maine Timber Works? Any experience?

msavoldJune 13, 2010

Has anyone dealt with Maine Timber Works for wide plank flooring?

Their prices seem quite good but I can't find anything on line about them.

(Their samples look good - the only thing I wonder about is that the relief grooves on the bottom are the shallowest (smallest?) of any of the samples we have and, honestly, I'm not sure what the implications of that difference are...)



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Run the other way. This company is a ripoff!! Horrendous milling issues with no resolution. I contacted the Maine Attorney General and reported to BBB. Seriously.....

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There are no implications in the difference of relief grooves, so whatever criteria you use to choose a company, you can ignore THAT one.

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Like "timberhouse", I too had a very similar unhappy experience in 2010 with Maine Timber Works. Many milling issues, many excuses, refund checks I could not cash, etc. 4 different flooring installers said the flooring I received was substandard. Had to work with a lawyer to get my refund. Nice people, but not worth the aggravation.

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Truly sorry to hear about these complaints today. I am totally unaware of the issues with timberhouse but am well aware of the issues with Garden Guppie and there is a lot more to that issue than what was said. In short Garden guppies first installer was unhappy that the home owner went with us and not his supplier. Then upon arrival of our flooring I was told how beautiful it was by the home owner but due to unproper climatizing of the wood for over a month the home owner tried to inform us that the wood was defective and wanted to return it. I brought him more flooring done exactly the same way, I also looked at the old flooring and really saw no issues with it, we even installed some of the leftover in our home. So please people before judging Maine Timber Works, give me a call on my cell 207-778-1745 and I will give you many many references. TimberHouse please contact me if you would like so I know what the issues were. Thank you.

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Pretty much everyone knows I am a huge proponent of Maine small businesses, so after reading up on this issue, I would say Lynn, maybe you should check in with the BBB and see why they are giving you an "F" rating. Here on GW that's like customer repellant. If you can resolve the complaints maybe your rating will go up and people wiill regain trust with your company
. msavold- while you are waiting you might try Atlantic Hardwood, another Maine company. Their wide plank walnut is dreamy. Their BBB rating is A+.
Maine Traditions has an unfinished line, but not very wide. I just toured their warehouse last week and was impressed by the climate and humidity control. Just be aware of the average board length- sometimes it's a bit short. I just bought 1600 sf of ash - stunning- very long boards- but I also looked at the walnut which had much shorter boards.
If you are interested in Maine Traditions, let me know and I can give you the salespersons contact info who got me an amazing price compared to other sales people I have worked with.
I hope you find the floor of your dreams!

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Blondie, sure wish you would have contacted us and checked us out. We offer long length walnut and ash and all of our flooring is dried down to between 6 and 8 %. If the wood is not at the level we won't even mill it into flooring until it is. We take great pride in our flooring and I sure wish people would contact us before going on the words of an upset customer. There will always be that one who makes it miserable for everyone else.

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I ordered Oak Flooring from Maine Timber Works May 2010 and no flooring ,just a lot of stories ,my customer and I are getting impatient with all the excuses . We need this flooring so we can finish this project so they can enjoy there new floor. I trusted this company they tell a good story ,maybe they should sell there stories instead of flooring!!!!!!!

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I have recently just bought wood from them to do my flooring in my house, and it turned out absolutely beautiful. They have come a long way since 2010. I absolutely recommend getting wood from them.

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A March 2013 report was filed with the BBB

Here is a link that might be useful: March 2013 BBB Review of MTW

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Always suspicious when someone registers, post some glowing review the same day, and is never seen again.

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Everyone! Listen up! These guys are an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE!! I fell for the "pre-paid discount" and send them (yes, I was an idiot) $3500+ and they NEVER DELIVERED THE PRODUCT NOR DID THEY REFUND MY MONEY. LYNN has promised repeatedly that I would have my money refunded "by next week", over a dozen times I'd estimate. I am currently scheduled to go to small claims court in an effort to FORCE her to pay that refund. They are the single worst company I've EVER dealt with!!! BEWARE!!!

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This message goes out to UpsetMainer. I would like to know who you are. Yes I will admit we have been going thru a very rough spell, but we are definitely getting back on track and some customers have been refunded for we were not able to fill our obligations and I want to make sure that you were refunded in full or that you product was delivered. Please message me for I was to make sure that this has been taken care of. My deepest apologies. Sincerely, Lynn. PLEASE CONTACT ME!

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