Yet another comment on Cholesterol....

deemarie5500January 5, 2004

Blood work just came back: LDL is 166 and Cholesterol is 256. Doc wants me on Lipitor. He's allowing me to come back on Feb 3 to take yet another blood test before he prescribes.

Not happy about this, as I'm on 5 other meds for high blood pressure.

I had an angiogram in May 2003; results showed absolutely no blockages. I guess you cannot be too sure about these things, but I'm not looking forward to any more meds. :-(

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I have heard great things about high-fiber diets and cholestorol. Several women in my Weight Watchers meetings have lowered their cholestorol such that they no longer require meds, due to the sensible eating plan and also the high fiber. There are also a lot of foods like oatmeal and cheerios that tout their ability to lower cholestorol.

Try keeping a food journal for a few days, and see if you can diary how much fiber is in your daily diet. It can't hurt, and might just do the trick!

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Thanks Karen!

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DeeMarie - if you go on Lipitor ask your Dr. about Q10. My Dr. has signs all over his office, that if you are on cholesterol lowering meds you MUST be taking Q10 also. Just FYI

Your friend,

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DH had lipid panel similar to yours, Doc told him to go on "Protein Power" diet and come back in 6 weeks. He did it, lost 30#, and cholesterol went into acceptable range (total less than 200, HDL higher than LDL but I don't remember the numbers). DH would have lost more weight and probably lowered cholesterol more if he had exercised like Doc told him.

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My dad had high cholesterol and started taking essential oils...flax oil and fish oil. His cholesterol dropped 30 points in 6 months. Might be something to add to your arsenal.

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And don't forget moderate exercise!

It lowers cholesterol levels.

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