Alturitive treatment for Aids+

d0ugJanuary 27, 2014

Aids is a very dangerous disease there is also another way. In 1990 at Einstein College of Medicine by Dr. Kaali discover putting a micro current of electricity through the blood could kill all pathogens in the blood this included the Aids virus. He paten two devices number 188 and 738 in 1993 and they worked but I think the drug companies go to him because there was no follow up on his research. Then came along Dr. Bob Beck who is a doctor of science and he found that you could introduce that micro current in the blood from out side the body on the skin. So he started a whole protocol to treat aids and many other diseases. There is a company in Canada who makes the Dr. Beck devices call Sota and can be found on the web also the schematics for these devices can be found on the web.

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moving down.

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You've got to be kidding with this idea to treat AIDS or any other kind of disease.

This isn't treatment in any way, shape or form, but rather a a faster way to die than letting the disease kill you.

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Please tell all the people who are alive today because they used it.
I have used the protocol and I am in perfect health now.
The PEMF part of the therapy was approved by the FDA to cure cancer and manage pain.

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If it worked no one would have aids.

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Actually doug, since I don't know any of these people that you make the claims about;

how about you, give us documented proof of your claim, documented scientific proof of what you claim.

Show us some "real proof", scientific studies that verify, repeatedly that your claims are real.

Oh, proof isn't a claim by you and further claims that the medical community is thwarting the efforts to prove this so called therapy works and cures aids or anything else for that matter.

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I have nothing to prove but if you want to see come here. This was put out as education on an alterative to what they call medicine.
Dr Bob Beck had hundreds of documented cases and the medical system would not even look at them. He even had lab reports that they refused to give him because they thought it was not true. The medical system looks the other way hoping it will disappear. Here is the information in 1990 at Einstein Collage of Medicine a Dr. Kaali patent his device US patent # 5,188,732 in 1993
They donâÂÂt give out patents to thing that donâÂÂt work.
Now say the US patent office is a liar.

There has been others as well that come up and you hear nothing more
Atlanta hospital AIDs cure

Ask Magic Johnston what he is taking because he is far from dead probably selenium.

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Yes they do give patents to things and ideas that don't "work" (don't produce the effect claimed). It only has to be different -- it can even rely on a process that hasn't been invented yet!

And the FDA can and will give "clearance" for sale devices that are considered safe, without any evidence that they work. FDA "approval" requires evidence that they actually work, and the evidence has to be an FDA monitored clinical trial, not just one person's case reports.

This PEMF device has not been "FDA approved" to cure cancer. It is not the same as the TTF therapy that page links to.

Scam artists are fond of mixing up FDA clearance and approval, or things that to a layman sound similar, to confuse the public and make money for themselves. And, they invariably claim that the greedy corporations are keeping their wonderful discovery suppressed. That is why only they have it (and are making money off of it).

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Doug you are so gullible.

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Let the experts speak and give you prof

I not as gullible as the people who think doctors have the answer.

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>>Doug you are so gullible.No need to put this here, shows disrespect and against forum rules.

All can express their own thinking and alternative treatment is here to stay.
Doug only wants to help, ..its up to you if you want to try it or not, everyone needs to make hes/her own research and make a decision.

I think the time has come that both, [medically & alternative] can work hand in hand.

That link from Doug was very interesting!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bill Doyle: Treating cancer with electric fields

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Agree, Konrad.

But again I point out, that TTF therapy is not the same as PEMF.

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I did not say they were the same I only pointed out that there is other treatments.

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