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jorminDecember 22, 2008

Are retailers in this current economic climate open to negotiating price.

The retailer I am seeking to negotiate with has a standing 20% discount and offers a monthly 25% discount.

I am looking for a 30% to 35% discount. Previously I was offered 30% off but I had not firmed up my selection and was uncomfortable rushing a decision.

This weekend I requested the 30% discount and the retailer's response was that they would be raising their prices on the 22nd (2 days before Christmans) but would offer me 25% off on the price originally quoted.

This does not sound right. Am I crazy.

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To get the best price possible, pay with cash, and don't expect to be able to return the item if you change your mind. I know this sounds crude, but it might help if you actually wave the cash in the face of the salesperson, preferably a manager, who has the authority to lower the price beyond a normal discount. Also, you might want to accomplish the sale when there is no one else in the store, so the staff will not have to worry about other customers asking for the same deal.

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You will have more luck with locally owned furniture stores. Multi-store retailers will most likely hold firm. As far as "waving the cash", bad idea. You do that to me and I'll see you OUT of my store.

Good luck in your hunt.

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I agree with jamist649 that "waving the cash" is a bad idea. And he has every right to escort the customer out of the store, or simply hold firm on price. Nonetheless, I have seen the method work, that is, letting the manager know that the transaction will be 100 per cent cash. Driving for the best possible bargain is not risk free, for either the customer or the sales person involved. I have seen sales managers in tears after spending 20 minutes with certain customers. My sales experience is in antiques, including antique furniture. There is often more wiggle room on antique prices than there might be on an item that was recently manufactured, and being sold in new condition.

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I wouldn't negotiate before you pick out what you want.

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