Differnce between MD or DO?

sheri60January 5, 2004

Can anyone tell me the differences in the DO and MD? I am looking for a Dr. and the closses on to us is a DO. To go to a Md. it's in the next town a 1/2 hour drive. A normal day I don't mind the drive but I am thinking of when I am sick do I want to travel that far when i don't feel well when I have a Do down the street. I am limited on my choice of Dr's in my town because of health insurance.

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Originally they were two strikingly different schools of thought on mecidine and therapy (in the ealry 1900s). Today, for all practical purposes, they are the same.

If he's close and covreed by insurance, make a trst visit.

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I agree with lazygardens, most DOs (in my area at least) are MDs. The big difference between the two is that a DO looks at the "whole picture." Some use holistic type methods some use chiropractic methods. My ortho is a DO and I love the fact that if I have back problems he will do an MRI if needed, treat the pain and find out if other areas are causing the problems, not just toss some pain killers at me and tell me to come back in 6 months if I still have pain.

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How Does an M.D. Differ from a D.O.?

M.D.s are similar to D.O.s. An M.D. is a physician trained at a standard four year medical school. D.O.s receive the same four year medical school education but with the osteopathic philosophies tied into the basic principles of medicine. D.O.s also receive hundreds of hours of additional training in manipulative medicine techniques and diagnosis. Upon graduation from medical school, D.O.s continue with residency training in any of the medical specialties, from family medicine to neurosurgery.
Otherwise there are few differences; M.D.s and D.O.s have the same practice rights throughout the United States. You can find D.O.s and M.D.s working together in the best hospitals and clinics throughout the nation. D.O.s are also found in all branches of military medicine -- in fact, a recent Surgeon General of the U.S. Army was an osteopathic physician.

Here is a link that might be useful: About Osteopathic Medicine

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