HMO wont allow skin test for Allergy shots

bug_girlJanuary 2, 2008

I have terrible allergies to cats, dogs, dust, and some pollens. I wanted to try allergy shots, but they wonÂt allow me to do the skin testing until I can come off of Zyrtec, and the other things I take for my allergies. If I could survive without antihistamines for a month, I would not even consider taking allergy shots.

This is a vicious cycle. I canÂt come off my allergy medications, so I canÂt take the skin tests, so I canÂt take the allergy shots, so I canÂt get better. I donÂt understand why I canÂt take the skin test anyway, because the zyrtec does not get rid of all my symptoms, so there would still be a reaction to cats, dogs and dust. That is all I really need shots for those are the big three. I already know I am allergic to them.

I have both cats and dogs as pets, I try to avoid dust when possible, but even before I had cats and dogs as pets, I was still hooked on antihistamines, and could not sleep without them. If I am having a running nose, and watery eyes, and terrible itching on my face, and eyes, it really interferes with getting a good nightÂs sleep.

I can see no point in giving up my pets when I would still have allergies no matter what. I can't live in plastic bubble for a month. I have to live in the world. As I am past 40 each year my allergies become a little worse. I don't know what I can do now.

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I'm pretty sure there may be some medicines you can take closer to the day of testing that you wouldn't haven't to be off of for a whole month. I would bet there are a lot of people in you situation, so your doctor's office should have some recomendations for you. If they don't help, consider asking another doctor altogether; some may have less strict rules about how long you have to be off what.

I know there is also a blood test allegy test you can do. Not sure if you have to be off meds for those tests. I don't think they're as accurate, but maybe you could use those results instead to get your allegy shots.

If you do need to be off the meds for a while and you know what you are allergic to, try to take precautions. Keep pets out of your bedroom. For dust mites: Encase your mattress in dust mite protector and wash your pillows and bedding weekly. Also wash or get rid of curtains, vacuuum with allergen filter, etc... As I would bet you know, it's not the dust that you can see that causes the most problems.

Good Luck

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They did the blood test, and I found out it showed I was allergic to cats, dogs, and mold, so far, but I am still working on checking. If they won't do the skin test without me going off them, I can do it for one night, but I am not sure if I can go for more then that. I have several more appointments.

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In my doctor's office they had an article about people rubbing their cats with distilled water to help people with allergies. I am allergic to cats and DIL has two. I have been on allergy shots now for over 6 years for molds, grasses, but I was told that at that time there wasn't really a proven allergy serum for cats. Now I understand there is but I don't really want to start over. I am down now to one shot a month. The shots really helped my itchy eyes and throat right away more than congestion, although I have fewer sinus headaches and infections. my sense of smell never returned. My doctor says he has never seen me not congested nasal wise but I have learned to live with that as long as the itchy eyes and throat are gone. I can't go off the shots till I am off the Allerga totally and am now only taking it on rare occasions. For your tests to be accurate you do have to be free of the medicine, otherwise your serum wouldn't be effective.

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Distilled water is not needed. Just give the cat a bath or have him groomed with warm water and mild shampoo once a month.

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