Mouth problems

ms_minnamouseJanuary 7, 2008

I don't know what's going on but my mouth is all... weird.

I'm not suffering from dry mouth but my mouth is kind of... it's hard to explain, not fresh? It just feels really hot and kind of sticky. Even after I brushed my teeth my breath is terrible. And it's not going away. I used mouthwash, the kind with alcohol, I used one without alcohol that's for dry mouth, I used hydrogen peroxide but none have helped. I flossed and scraped my tongue but nothing has made any difference.

I haven't eaten anything unusual that I've never had before and I always drink plenty of water. I'm not on any new meds.

Any ideas?

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I forgot, there's a kind of bad taste. Like I can taste really bad breath.

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Could you be pregnant?

Do you/have you had recently a sinus cold or stomach problems?

Do you know what tonsil stones are? Look in the back of your throat with a flashlight... do you see any small whitish balls?

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when was the last time you saw your dentist?
Could be the beginnings of periodontal disease.
Could be low level tooth or gum infection going on.

You need to see your dentist to find out what your problem is.

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Thanks guys! It's gone. I guess it was just one of those weird things.

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Ms minnamouse.......what meds are you on? I had problems with dry mouth/yeast/hairy tongue for several years. When I finally got off my beta blocker, it all went away and I once again have a healthy mouth. Not one of my docs ever questioned the effects that the beta blocker might have on my dry/weird mouth symptoms. Its so good to have spit back!

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