Red tree - rooibos tea

inchworminjerseyJanuary 5, 2004

Hi, I was excited to find rooibos tea put out by Twinings Teas today. Its sold under the name of RED TREE tea. I have looked for this for awhile because of its healthy properties. Wow!!! was I pleasantly surprised by the good taste. It has no caffeine, yet tastes as close to regular tea as I have ever tasted. For anyone who loves twig will love this. I would love to hear anything anyone has heard about this great tea. Thanks!

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The first time I heard of it was when I read the list of ingredients in Good Earth's Sweet and Spicy Herb Tea. Rooibos is the first ingredient. I looked it up and apparently it is naturally sweet, and Good Earth tea sure is sweet on it's own without any sugar.

But I've never had plain rooibos tea. How would you describe the taste?


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Wonderfully flavorful, short on tannins.

It has most of the great benefits of herbal teas, but without some of the drawbacks like tannins, and caffiene.

There is a great blend of Rooibos and Honeybush at, along with some great home remedies and legends of the tea at Rescue

Here is a link that might be useful: Rescue Red

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The taste of pure rooibos is not for everyone. It gets a little getting used to it. As said is naturally sweet with a strong earthy aroma and aftertaste. I'd say that its the taste of the soil in the south African plains.
And I'll have to agree on the health benefits.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rooibos health benefits

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