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marrilynJune 18, 2011

I am currently looking at two different types of carpeting for our family room. One is Karastan stainmaster vittoria. It is 100% stainmaster BCF nylon. It seems really thick. One salesman tells me it is overpriced and not worth it.

The other is from Mohawk. The style is called Elegant addition. It is also 100% wear dated soft touch BCF nylon with scotchguard protector. It is softer to the touch but does not seem as thick.

I haven't really priced either on yet, but am just wondering which is the better carpet? The karastan does seem thicker, but the other one is softer. And the Karastan doesn't have as good of warranties as the other.

Any opinions out there?


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Karastan is overpriced in my mind. They want the product priced high intentionally to give it status. Stores are not allowed to mention Lowest price or anything of such in their advertisements when it is regarding Karastan. That is Karastan Rule!.The bcf weardated will be better value..Take a long look at Smart Strand from Mohawk...not the Karastan version...the regular Mohawk Smart Strand. That is Mohawks most reliable best product and it will be softer than the stain proof and wears like iron. Trust me on this one..we carry or have carried all 3 products.I would not give Karastan one dime if I were you. Good Luck

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Thanks for the input Floortech. You sound like the salesman I spoke with. My decorator is the one who showed me the Karastan and it does seem much thicker. I haven't priced anything yet, just trying to figure out what the best value is.

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The reason he told you the carpet is over priced is because Karastan, like Stainmaster, is a Brand you are purchasing. Regarding carfpet thickness: Thicker carpet does not mean better carpet. Consider and research Smartstrand. I have links on my website to videos on this carpeting. to the carpet link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carpet Tucson

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It's way beyond the brand issue with karastan...I could tell you all about karastan and you wouldn't want a snibble of it...but they would probaby stalk me down and shoot me. Stick with Smartstrand

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