just read a lovely thing a father said to his daughters...

sylviatexas1April 12, 2009

The father was Leonard Jerome, a brilliant, energetic American speculator back in the 1800's;

he was a passionate person, an over-achiever before the phrase was coined.

He adored music, so he built an opera house & financed the careers of several opera singers (ok, so they were very pretty opera singers).

He was dedicated to horse racing, so he raced his 4-in-hand buggy down Broadway, built a racetrack, & reformed New York's corrupt horse racing establishment.

He adored his daughters, so he taught them, especially his favorite, Jennie, (named after singer Jenny Lind), to think on their feet, to negotiate intelligently, & to live life with relish.

When he lay dying, he told them, "I have given you everything I had. Pass it on."

His daughter Jennie was Jennie Jerome Churchill, mother of Winston Churchill.

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