Children of the Dome and other books

corgilvrApril 21, 2006

This is a very good book and a great website. You may want to take a look at it. The author lost two of her sons in the same tragic accident. I found the book very helpful and comforting. The dome, in Kentucky, is a beautiful tribute. Our 19 year old son lost his life in a tragic auto accident.

I'd love to know if anyone else has read it and what you thought of it. Motherless Daughters is another book I read after the loss of my mother at age 15. It helps you to understand how the loss of a mother at different ages and stages of your life affects you.

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Hi Corgilvr,
Do you know the authors of either of these books? I'm sure I could do a google search and probably find them. Both sound good. I could probably do a similar book called "A Daughterless Mother". :( Keep us posted on any other good reading finds. Thank you.
Emma in PA

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Children of the Dome was written by Rosemary Smith. If I knew where my copy was, I would send it to you. Motherless Daughters was written by Hope Edelman. You can Google either of them for more info. Motherless Daughters is a really good book and gives lots of insight into how that loss can have life long effects. It really hit home for me.

At this point I have reached a plateau and have not been reading much on loss. That does not mean that I feel the loss any less as time goes on. The loss is very important, but does not dominate my feelings and thoughts as it once did. I am now far more likely to have pleasant memories and smile even if a tear accompanies those feelings.

I think it would be great if we kept a list of suggested readings. Should we start a thread on that? I have not done a search, so please forgive me if one already exists.

BTW, I also live in PA.

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