What is this a symtom of?

trisha57nyJanuary 11, 2004

Hi guys - A guy friend of mine is awakened probably every night with a great need to urinate. But, when he does, it's very little. Never, ever did this before except past 2 months.

He is going to doc. Just wondering. I was thinking this would happen with a bladder infection?

Like I said, he has appnt. with doc, but I was just wondering if anyone knows something about it.


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I'd love to know this answer too! I am 36 years old and get up every-night an average of 4 times.
And I pee very little each time, but my bladder is full enough to be uncomfortable.

It's only this bad when I lay down! I can wait forever during the day while standing or sitting.

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He should have his prostate checked too - they can change in size and cause these kinds of problems.

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I agree with Weed. I remember my mom telling me my dad had that problem and it was an enlarged prostate; tell your friend to have it checked out by the doctor.

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my husband got great results with saw palmetto

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It could also be diabeties. I was doing this often every 2 hours. Sure enough checked my blood sugars on my own and they were high. I am now trying to control it myself with watching what I eat and walking. I do not want to start on pills and it isn't that high any more as it was when I was going all night. There is a monitor at Wal-mart called Reli-on and it is very inexpensive, believe aboout $10.00 and strips are $20.00 for 50. Chepest there is and works as good as my higher priced one. Mine was running in the high 200's , now it is about 140-160 and could be better when we can start walking again. Have had cold weather and sick so couldnt do it but will start again next week. Check it out it could be his problem as well.

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Connie, do NOT self-medicate diabetes! You have to be monitored not even by a general practitioner but a diabetes expert such as endocrinologist.

I do not know why you say you do not want to start on pills - the medication is not the enemy - the diabetes is! And too much is at risk!

Your heart, eyes, kidneys hang in the balance. Even well-controlled diabetics end up with side effects. You may or may not need medication but the ramifications are significant. PLEASE go now and see a doctor! This is not a disease to self-treat!!!

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Connie, thanks for the information about Reli-On. What is the normal count supposed to be for blood sugar? I would like to get one of those kits just to see, but I would definitely go to a doctor after finding out my blood sugar was high.

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Very good advice, Karen. Diabetes is *very* serious. Please see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Here is a link that might be useful: WebMD on Type 2 diabetes

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The normal range for blood sugar is 65-110.


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True, but what is key for Type 2 is insulin resistance. That is why fasting tests, and other tests like how much protein is in the urine need to be run. The blood sugar alone is not enough to rule it out. However, you are right, in general, if someone is out of those ranges, they should definitely see a doctor soon. But just being 'within' the range at the time the test is done does not rule it out when coupled with symptoms like frequent urination.

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