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avakosibaJanuary 2, 2007

I live in Indiana and I am looking at different health insurance policies for my family. We are expecting a new baby in a few days, so the policy would be for me, my husband, our 4 year old son, and a new baby. Currently I have a single plan through work that is free which will cover the baby for one month, but it will expire at at the end of April because of the length of time I am taking off. My son and husband have individual plans through Anthem BCBS, but I don't think it will be cost effective to add another single plan for the baby. I have researched and I am pulling my hair out. I need the policy to have a reasonable monthly payment, cover well baby checks, maternity (for the next baby), have a deductable of $500-$2000, and good overall benefits. There are so many companies to choose from. Is there anyone out there that has been satisfied with their family insurance plan in Indiana and has a similar plan to what I am looking for?

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I'm not in Indiana, but check out Golen Rule and Blue Cross/ Blue Shield if they are available in your area. I've had positive experiences with both in the past.
Mrs H

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Try TIME LIFE out of Wisconsin. Years ago they were the only one who would write a Major Medical to an individual family that I ever heard of. They had some with lessor coverage if the premium was not right for a person. Luck

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