Intermittent Cyclical Cystitis????

zoewolfJanuary 17, 2008

I am clueless as to what this might be. The earliest my OB/GYN can see me is on Jan 29th, so I am hoping that someone can shed some light on my condition ASAP.

At approximately 7:00 pm on New Years Eve, I had a sudden onset of acute pain in my lower left pelvis area. I was literally doubled over in pain every few minutes. I figured it was an ovarian cyst as I used to be prone to getting them when I was younger (I am 53 now). I took many NorcoÂs and the pain subsided. However, now my real problem is that I feel as if I have a bladder infection -- kind of. And it appears to be cyclical, returning during late afternoon or night, but it does NOT hurt when I pee (as a normal bladder infection does) it simply feels like I have something pressing on my bladder. Some days are more painful than others and some days there is no pain at all.

I was recently hospitalized for necrotizing fasciitis (it was caught early and I still have all my body parts) and received massive amounts of antibiotics both intravenously and orally once I returned home. I definitely was good/bad bacteria free when this severe pelvic pain occurred and consequent cystitis? I have no other symptoms except for the intermittent pressure/pain.

Any ideas?

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Hi zoewolf,
Good luck at the doc's today.
I'm wondering if all those antibiotics have caused a problem in your gut? Have you been taking probiotics and eating yogurt with live cultures?
Be sure to drink unsweetened cranberry juice to help with bladder problems.
I wonder if its still that ovary cyst? Maybe its gotten larger and is pressing in different places?
I'm curious why you're calling it cystitis?
Let us know what the doc says.

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