Itchy Legs

rivkadrJanuary 30, 2009

I'm going crazy. My legs over the past week have felt horrendously itchy -- like when you have really dry skin. But I don't have dry skin. I've been slathering lotion all over my legs, and I have the most well-moisturized legs in the world right now...but it's not helping with the itchiness.

There's no rash. No bumps. I haven't changed any soaps, detergents, or anything like that. It's only in my legs, nowhere else. I've had this crop up in the past now and usually lasts for a couple of weeks, and then it just fades away. Anyone heard of anything like this?

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My son has been itchy all over, ever since he went to college this fall. He saw a dermatologist, who wasn't much help.
He has psoriasis also, but this is different. He's tried just about everything. He's even been on a gluten-free diet for over a month, and it hasn't helped.
He's wondering if its the chlorine in the water.
He was taking too many showers, and so we told him to cut back to only about 5 a week. He uses creams, but feels that they can actually make it worse.
He's taking a multi-vitamin and flax seed oil capsules, in case that might help.
He's going to try a different dermatologist, and also maybe an allergist.
He's tried Zyrtec too, and that didn't help.
So you might try everything he's tried, to see if that helps.
Are you on any meds for anything else?
I actually get a very itchy neck, if I consume too much milk or ice cream. I think its a whey protein allergy-type thing.
Do you use a humidifier and drink lots of water?
I would start using a food diary, to see if something you're eating is the culprit.
Do you have any varicose veins?
Good luck to you. I know it can drive you crazy!

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Maybe try an anti-inflammatory or some Benadryl? I get something similar every so often when I exercise outside. It's painful/maddening itching that I feel I can tear my skin off. I could never point it to detergents, lotions, dryness, diet. It was so random when in happened. For me it's the same - it pops up now and then and it's only in my legs. Crazy, isn't it.

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Medications: I take Allegra for seasonal allergies, and Synthroid for my thyroid.

No varicose veins, I drink lots of water, and I haven't changed anything about my eating habits -- I'm not very adventurous with my eating, meaning I don't vary my diet a whole lot, so it's hard to imagine that food could be the culprit.

It's already started fading -- nowhere near as bad now as when I posted last week. That's always how it is -- it flares up for a week or two, and then just fades away. And like you, cookie8, it's only in my legs.

I can live with it, I guess -- just wish I knew what was causing it!!

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I just found this forum and hope you don't mind my putting in a word or two. Don't discount itching as a simple annoying symptom. Although, in some cases this may be true, it can also be a sign of other problems. I had developed terrible itching in my lower legs and wrote it off as dry skin, but in reality I had a rather serious lung disorder. Other symptoms developed later, but itching can be more than it first appears. Good luck with your condition.

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Your probably suffering from a winter itch. DH has this every year. Aveeno skin relief is the best thing I know for it. Its the one with the navy blue writing on a tan bottle.

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rivkadr and cookie- I have the same problem every now and then, too! My mother does, too. Lasts for about 1-2 weeks for both of us- comes up maybe every few months.

It isn't dry skin at all but it does feel like the same sensation. Especially at bedtime and in the shower.

But after the dry skin episode I usually go through a cold stage. My legs will stay ice cold from the thighs down, they get speckled colored, my feet feel frozen and my nails turn blue. The cold stage lasts about 3 weeks.

My mother and I did notice that we didn't get these dry/ice legs until after we both had surgery involving our reproductive system. We wondered if other people with various surgeries experienced this or maybe it was just a woman thing?

Neither of our doctors have found any reason for this to happen and have no explanation as to what it is other than possible poor circulation in our lower body- no kidding!

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groomingal, I've experienced the itchiness before, but this latest bout is the worst I've ever had it, and I did have fibroid surgery 6 months ago. Not sure if it's related, though.

Poor circulation may be partially related -- I've always had very poor circulation in my legs for some reason. I can only stand to drive for about 30 - 40 minutes max, for example, because my feet start to fall asleep, and I can't bear to cross my legs or keep them in a fixed position for any long amount of time. And my feet are always blocks of ice, especially during the winter.

joann_fla -- if it only happened during the winter, I'd agree, but unfortunately, this crops up year round. I also live in Southern California, and while it has been a cooler than normal year, it's not exactly bitterly cold here ;)

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I had itchy arms for years and counted it as dry skin. They would get so bad I'd put an ice bag on them to try and calm the itch.My skin was dry too but that was not just what it was. The Doctor said it was dry skin and gave me a cream that didn't do much at all.

It took about 10 years for red spots and small bumps to appear on my arms and face and legs. When they did I found out it was ecsema. I seldom get an open sore and I now have 2 cream that takes care of it when spots occur. One for my face and one for the body.

When I do get an open sore I use Poly Sporan It seems to work better than the cream. My brother-in-law who also has ecsema uses it too and he also says it works better than the cream his doctor prescribed. Try it and see if it will calm the itch. You can now get it in a non greasy spray,

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I read somewhere that stress may cause itching legs. It might be seasonal as there is not any change in diet or product used by OP. It may not be the allergic reactions as it donâÂÂt have any sign of rash or irritation. Doctors advise to use Lidocaine or Zonalon and use them regularly, until stop itching.

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