W. Schillig - Any quality issues with pieces from China?

flo007December 24, 2009

We fell in love with a leather sectional (Riondo) from W.Schillig but to be disappointed to learn that W.Schillig furniture was made in China. We found this post (http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/furniture/msg021956111780.html) and would like to know if anybody else has had any other quality issues with pieces manufactured in China. We were told by a sales rep that the skins were from Europe/South Africa and the machinery was from German. These made us feel a bit better but we still would like to do some more research.

Thank you so much.

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We have our sectional since July 2009 and are very happy with it. No problems at all.

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Thank you for your reply. We have also done quite extensive searches on the internet and have not found any major complaints.

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Furniture made in China is almost like furniture made in the USA. There are lower end and upper end companies in both countries but in the USA they aren't usually in the same factory. In China the quality is dictated by the company purchasing the furniture. To keep the quality standard high the companies need to inspect in China and then again once it arrives in their warehouse (by a spot inspection). A spot inspection is opening up x number of pieces from each container and looking for tailoring issues and travel problems. If they open a couple of each type( sofa, chair & ottoman) an don't have any issues then the whole load is likely to be in good shape. If they have any issues then it is usually best to open all of that style just to make sure everything is in good shape (both companies I've worked for has done this inspection method). Once a company has achieved the quality standard they want in a Chinese factory they will have their on Chinese inspectors go into the factory and inspect the product before they are packaged for shipment.
In the USA the company is usually low end or high end or somewhere in between but not all. They most likely have and inspection process throughout the factory plus most manufactures want each employee to be an inspector( if you see something wrong then tell someone). They usually start the inspection after the cover is sewn, then again after the insides of the piece is upholstered and then again after the outsides of the piece is applied (some companies do more and some do less inspections throughout the process).
Now if you ever want to re-upholster your piece of made in China upholstered furniture this is a totally different issue. The Chinese make their frames very different than USA companies (unless the purchasing company requires them to make the frame different) they make the frames in parts. The seat section and the back section are either built together like an L or they are made separate and then upholstered and screwed or bolted together then arms usually bolt or screw to the body. The Chinese method isn't bad it is just different than what the American re-upholsterer is accustom to. But you need to think about this incase you ever what to recover it. You should look the piece over thoroughly before accepting it. You should also know that the imported furniture has most likely been stored on is side for a while and may have flat spots that should come out with heat and/or time. You should note these issues with your retailer with the option of replacing the piece if they don't come out.

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Our sofa (purchase/issues/their resolution) is detailed on the thread you linked above. We've had it since June 2008, and it still looks and feels great. We are very happy with it.

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Thank you... both cat_mom and upholsteryexpert. The info on the inspection process is very informative and definitely helps us to better prepare for the final inspection.

With W. Schillg, we were told by a salesperson that this German company were not simply having an existing Chinese factory made furniture for them but they actually bought a factory. All the machinery, leather, and wood parts are shipped from Germany to the plant in China.

We were skeptical and that's why we're here :). We believe that the info from existing customers who actually own their furniture is most likely to be more reliable than the info from a salesperson.

Thanks again. This forum is great!!

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just received our schillig sofa the placidity with incliner, the issue we had was the measurement of depth which was off by 3",and also made in china, we're were dissapointed by this because made in china is of questionalble quality and craftmanship, anyone hads any similar complaints or issues please respond

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I purchased a schillig sectional in dec. 2011 based on the floor model and months of research. The leather on the floor model was exceptional; the very best. For over 30 minutes, I attempted to mark it, scratch it, hurt it with metal utensil throughout the entire piece, with zero success. I had been looking for the perfect sectional for three years, as I wanted it to LAST for years, not months. I inspected this floor model to the point that the salesman was annoyed, which did not bother me. I turned it upside down and checked the "guts" actually gently removing the fabric to see the wood, springs, construction. I borrowed the leather sample from the store and left. I was impressed, which takes a lot for me. I researched W. Schillig website, which said all their furniture was German made in Germany. Nothing about China. I ordered the sectional 51277 and it was delivered in December, 2011. The sectional that I received was NOT the same quality as the store floor sample! I have been dealing with this "bait & switch" issue 14 months. The leather on my couch is very thin throughout. The leather is slipping everywhere. The leather is also dissentigrating in places. The foam is flat with ZERO resiliency...like sitting on wood. Even the structure is falling apart. The piece looks like I got it from a curbside dump. We can't sit on it because it is so uncomfortable. I measured the depth of the seat cushions and they are 3" shorter on my sectional. During the holidays, my sister asked where the new couch was! I have had the store and the rep from Schillig inspect the piece in Jan, 2012, and they assured me that this problem would be resolved to my satisfaction. I waited a few weeks and contacted the store again and a new store manager inspected it in Sept, 2012 and acted like he didn't see the problems I was describing, to which I responded that a two year old could see the problems, so we were done. I hired a leather upholstery company to inspect and they issued their stern findings to the company. No response. I now have contacted an attorney. This sectional was $5,025.00 and I purchased an extended warranty which at this point is worthless. I recently discovered that Schillig has a dirty little secret, China. I am convinced that my sectional was made in China, and the floor sample was not. I still have the floor sample leather piece...glad I kept it.

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Sorry about all your problems, but have you tried contacting W. Schillig directly? I believe David Stewart is vice president of sales and operations and Eric Stomberger is their president. Their phone # is 336-884-0286. Hope you can resolve the issues.

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I am so sorry you are having a bad experience with your W. Schillig sectional. I hope you can get this resolved favorably, and quickly.

We are still very happy with both of our W. Schillig sectionals (Arabesque and Primanti). I have posted on this forum about the issues our first one had had upon delivery, which were resolved by the furniture store. They sent out an experienced leather repair specialist who removed a few questionable marks and smudges--glue? so you would never know they had been there, and he smoothed out some of the packing creases for us. They also had Schillig send new feet to replace the original ones which were chipped in spots along the bottoms. I will say that we were pretty upset initially, and thought for sure the couch would have to be replaced, but were pleasantly surprised after the specialist had worked his "magic" on it. Also, we did have to wait a long time for the replacement feet to come in if I recall, but the store sent the specialist out to put the new feet on once they arrived.

The second one, which we have had for a little over a year now, was delivered in perfect condition. We experienced some mild trepidation before it was delivered, given our experience with the first one, but it was totally fine. The store where we purchased the second one, Ambiente in Raleigh, NC, checks all items out thoroughly (when they receive them from the manufacturer), before shipping and delivering them to the customer.

(We didn't go back to the first store because we took advantage of a really good promotion going on at Ambiente at the time)

FWIW, our sectionals are both semi-aniline, or protected leather, Z-77 or 76???

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As a rule it is preferable to purchase US made upholstery due to the generally higer construction standards found here. One of the issue with the product from China is lack of regulation and oversight found within many of the manufacturers in China. That's not to say there are not well made products made in China.

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