ruthannJanuary 25, 2005

It's probably spelled wrong, but thats how it sounds. Does anyone know anything about this? My daughter passes out and the Dr says her brain isn't getting enough oxygen. Know anything???? Ruth Ann

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You spelled it correctly and that's what it is. It's a short loss of consiciouness due to inadequate blood flow to the brain. In other words, she faints. It can be caused by a lot of things. Her doctor will first find out what is causing it and then work to correct the problem. It can be as simple as dehydration, anemia, fatique or poor ventilation.

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It's also a condition caused by low blood pressure. Sometimes even athletes, such as runners, have it because they're in such good shape that their hearts beat very slowly when they're at rest, and when they get up it takes several seconds for the blood rate to increase enough to pump more oxygen to the brain. It probably seems scary, but there are a lot of benign reasons for it.

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