medically induced coma

seaarkJanuary 9, 2006

How is medically induced coma accomplished?

Is it really the same thing as general anesthesia?

How is it different than a coma the body falls into by itself?

What does it do toward helping a person recover from say, post stroke brain surgery or collapsed lung with carbon monoxide poisoning (two cases presently very much in the news)?

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The "coma" is a deep anaesthesia. REALLY DEEP!

It minimizes the brain's need for oxygen, and (probably) because the brain has nothing to do but heal, people seem to heal better.

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Also if someone is in pain they may do this to alleviate the pain while the person heals (burn patients)
Real comas can occur after a brain trauma. This means that pressure or something causing pressure could be pressing on the brain causing a coma. if you alleviate the pressure you can help the person. Other comas are caused by severe damage to the brain where parts of the brain that are the thought centers are damaged, while the brain stem, which keeps the body alive is intact.
Was the miner that was found recently in an induced coma? I thought he was in a coma that was caused by the lack of oxygen (so I guess, a "real" coma caused by damage to his brain because of lack of oxygen) I may be mistaken though.

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My daughter told me that she heard that germany had been successful in putting patients in medically induced comas for the greater (if not permanent) relief of pain for those suffering from chronic pains, such as FMS, neuropothy, migraines, and these kinds of distorders/syndromes. I am trying to find out AMA possible on this. I am old now, have had these issues since pre-teen years, which have progressed, and are a daily nightmare to me. Is it true that there is such a development in the medical community, and if so where? I am in so much constant pain, that, that at my age, I am very willing to undergo such treatments.

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Goodie -
If there is a pain management clinic near you, get your doctor to refer you for an evaluation.

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I was, not too many years ago, involved in a horrifying car crash and after getting splattered all over HWY 64 was placed into an induced comatic state for 7 days, or so they tell me. At least they tried to keep me that way.... 4 days in and I sat up and extubated myself. Said what was on (LOL, more like said what was out of my mind) my mind and went back to lala land for another couple of days.

Lots of info at the link...

You should look into the NIH research databases too, excellent site with tons of info, if you take the time to learn about what it is you are looking for first.

You could always do a search using and signifying which engines/etc to use. Most likely the most effective search engine currently available, but you gotta learn how to use it first... That should take 10-15 minutes at the most. Otherwise, or are your best bet for finding medical information. And too. Google has to be the worst way to search, especially if you are actually looking for relevant information and search results, in which case using Google is a big waste of time.

Sorry about the ramble, I just have some definate ideas on how to find "stuff". Having a wife who is a university research librarian helps too...


Here is a link that might be useful: induced coma info

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