Female sterilization question

jamie_mtJanuary 13, 2005

How's that for a cold, clinical term? ;-)

Anyways, I have a question - I know it's personal, so please feel free to email me if you'd rather (or ignore it, of course, if this offends you in any way - it's not intentional).

I'm seriously considering having a tubal done later this year. I can't take the pill (bad migraines whenever I've tried), and DH is leery of a vasectomy (men), so that seems like the wisest option at this point. However, there's one thing that makes me pretty nervous about it - stories I've read/heard about women who claim to notice hormonal and/or personality changes after getting a tubal done. I know that medically it shouldn't make a difference, but there are stories of women who say it really does, so I'm doing a little research before I decide one way or the other.

So I'm kind of trying to get a sampling of women who have been sterilized - whether or not they have noticed any adverse hormonal or personality changes in themselves after being sterilized. Would anyone here who has gotten a tubal care to comment on whether they feel that the procedure has effected their hormones in any way, or if their personality has changed dramatically (gotten more emotional, that sort of thing)? Like I said, you can email me if you feel it's too personal to discuss online (jamieATfullerDOTnet), but I really would appreciate any comments about the procedure - positive or negative, so I can make an informed decision about whether or not it's right for me.

Thanks in advance! :-)

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When you listen to those stories, remember that the ability to get pregnant and give birth is a deep seated urge with some women. They will have a reaction to the surgery, not because of changes to the body, but to the fact that they can are no longer fertile. Down deep inside, they feel that somehow, they are no longer fulfilling the basic role of being a woman. The mind makes the body feel differently.

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Good to remember - thanks! :-)

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I had a tubal when I was thirty.
I didn't have any problems, nothing, zilch.
What PeeBee says makes sense.

I had mine done vaginally, no scar.

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Done 17 years ago. Done Laproscopically. No personality changes really..except to want "it" more as I wasn't afraid to get pregnant. Still glad i had it done, no regrets.


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Another thing to remember is that some of the women who think they have hormonal problems may have been reaching an age where they were beginning to experience pre-menopausal problems. It is easier to blame it on the tubal ligation than it is to admit that that Mother Nature might upsetting things. Also the relationship of the husband/wife where she is afraid of getting pregnant is different from that where she isn't. She's less dependant on his good will.

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I had a friend who had it done and said her periods were more painful. Ann

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They say its easier after having baby I mean same day like birthing wasnt enough poor guys...anyway IO had it done through navel about 27 years ago no problem so glad I did.

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Hi, Jamie - Erica from the Organizing forum. Echoing what PeeBee said, be really sure in your mind that you want to do it, and why. If nothing else, it will help you convince a doctor that you are really sure! I'm assuming you're fairly young, and I know my doctor was leery of doing the procedure on younger women because they might change their minds. (But she knew I had a good reason.)

I did a lot of research before I had mine done, and don't remember coming across anything about emotional side effects. I've had a bout with depression since getting it done, but it never occured to me there was any relation between the two. Actually, it was quite a relief to have had it done. Not having to worry about being pregnant was just one less weight on my mind! :)

I DID learn that it can reduce the odds of getting ovarian cancer. I like that side benefit.


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When I read things like this I realise how lucky I have been. Both of my husbands took care of the birth control and did a good job of it.

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Thanks, all - Erica, I'm 30...and DH and I decided to be "childfree" over 2 years ago (when we got engaged), for various reasons. The nurse practitioner I see yearly knows this, and she told me I'd have better luck getting a tubal if I waited until I was 30...so I did, and here I am. LOL I really, really hope they don't give me too hard a time about it...the fact that I've waited just to give my decision credibility should mean *something* to them!

My hubby's been taking care of BC ever since we started dating, over 7 years ago. I don't mind that it's "my turn" now, and I like knowing that *I* will be in charge after this is done. Sort of a "control freak" thing, I guess! LOL He's pretty happy about possibly not having to deal with it any longer as well, so it's a win-win thing. ;-)

Thanks for all the responses...I'll hopefully be starting the process within the next month. :-)

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the only thing that could cause pain are adhesions formed as scar tissue after surgery. other changes would be psychological.

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I had a tubal ligation done 21 years ago on the same day that my youngest was born. There were no psychological problems but I had serious bleeding problems, like having a period 3 out of 4 weeks each month. It took going to many doctors until one gave me hormonal pills which made me gain weight but it also made me regular. I met other women who had the same bleeding problems as myself as well after having a tubal ligation. Their doctors and my doctors all said it was our age. Well, now 21 years later at almost 54, I still haven't started menopause.

Anyone who asks my opinion about getting their tubes tied, I tell them don't.

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I had mine tied when I was 31, no after effects aside from pain afterwards.

HOWEVER, I should have insisted my husband get a vasectomy instead. I was put fully out, which carries risks. I was sick from the anestesia afterwards. A vasectomy is pretty much an office procedure, using only local anestetic. Would have been much simpler for him to do it.

Of course, we all know how men feel about their "jewels"....

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Had a baby at 22 years of age.. only four hours of labor, but would not let hubby touch me till he signed papers agreeing to tubil ligation. It was more pain than I ever wanted to endure. You go for it girl!

Hormones keep clicking in till they're not supposed to anymore, you just don't get pregnant.

When hormones don't kick in anymore, they give you replacements for them.

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I had mine done 27 years ago.I was told it was easier after birth of a baby so I did.Mine was through belly button.Glad I did no more worries although they said it wasnt 100%Heard about all the women dying because of the patch.article in paper this week.

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21 years ago--after a c Section and birth of 3rd child. I was 28. No problems and never regretted it.

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Mine was 20 years ago after birth of 4th kid. My doctor convinced me to do it, but I wasn't 100% sure and had mixed feelings a few years. But after initial sadness, have always been so grateful I did it. No complications or problems, had BIG scar, surgeon was older and had GIANT sized hands.

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One of our family members got pregnant after a tubal.. The surgeon made a boo boo and clamped a muscle??????????????

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Pregnancy nine months after a tubal used to happed so often that the surgeons in our area started routinely doing D&Cs at the same time. It seems that too many couples feel that since the woman is getting her tubes within a couple of days, they're safe. Ha! By the time those tubes are tied, that little egg is already implanted. Older techniques also allowed the tubes to become untied.

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I had a tubal cauterization done 35 years ago. No problems what so ever! They actually removed a section of the fallopian tube and cauterized the ends. I was volunteering in the hospital where I had it done, and was able to read my own medical record. I remember the lab report on the tissue they removed saying "supposed fallopian tube". I was a little worried about that, but Dr. assured me he took sections of the fallopian tubes. I've never heard of them actually "tying" the tube.

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I had mine done 5 years after my second son was born. I had no problems. Glad I did it though. The procedure I had done was the same as Joyce's. The doctor that did my tubes gave me a bit of trouble about having it done. He finally saw it my way. I don't mean anything about what I am going to say but, Try and find a doctor that isn't catholic. The catholic doctors tend to give you a harder time with it because it is a form of birth control.


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