ecleaJanuary 3, 2013

Hello dear community.I have problems with my toes,the right foot is more affected than the left.I attached a photo of it to show you with what kind of foot issue im dealing.I have problems wearing closed shoes and cant find shoes that are not looking like "grannyshoes".The last years Im walking in tennis shoes when I cant wear sandals.This not looking very elegant but in the moment the only option I have.Im also dealing with corns between my toes,but I think theres nothing you can do about them except pading.I want to avoid an operation in the moment because I know people who have more problems then before the operation and didnt recommend me to do it.

Thank you eclea.

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Appears that you have what is called 'hammer toes' Some suggest that they are caused by too short of shoes during formative years. I have no suggestions other than removing the hose and start manipulating toes to stretch the tendons in the individual toes.

I have foot problems but not this type and find Crocs original style for me are only comfortable shoes.

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Thank you for your answer.Im already wearing crocs.Theyre one of the few shoes I can wear.Thank you for your advice.

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