Anything new coming for back problems?

marys1000January 27, 2008

Seems I read a few years ago about disc replacement surgery being done in Europe.

I herniated a disc a few years ago and have had problems every since. I did try the back clinic "rack" machine but all it did was make my back feel worse though I finished the treatments (not sure I should have though).

Friday morning I did "something" and now have been down for the count all weekend just barely able to hobble around. Same a few months ago. This has really had a negative impact on my life (gardening, hiking, shopping etc.) though with trying to be very careful I have so far only had very very mild and occasional leg pain. I.e. its not bad enough to anything too drastic.

I would so love for some new treatment to be in the works?

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Most insurance still doesn't pay for ADR/artificial disc replacement.

You might want to check out the information on the below linked wesbsite.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Mary, my neighbor had an artificial disc and it worked great.
It's not new treatment, but when I had disc problems, I was treated with predisone, anti-inflammatories, and an epidural steroid injection.
Hope you are feeling better soon.

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