minwax ebony, dark walnut or jacobean, help asap!

vicnewbuildJune 5, 2011

We are building a house and I am going crazy trying to decide the stain for the oak floors. I want dark floors without any hint of red. I had the builder put a sample of all 3 on a plank for me and I think the Jacobean has a hint of green (am I wrong?), the dark walnut might be to light brown, and the ebony just looks like a light black without any brown in it. I am looking for a very dark brown color and I can only choose from Minwax stains. Would appreciate pics of any of these stains if used on your hardwood floors since a small sample board might not be indicative of an entire house!!

BTW - my kitchen will be an antique white with a glaze (perimeter) and island will be a dark maple called ginger snap.

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I am very interested to see if anyone has pictures to post. I am having white oak floors installed the week of June 13th and I am looking for a very dark brown color not too black. I'll wait and see what's posted. Please post pictures. What size boards are you installing, I am going with 3 1/4 " strips.

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We are having the same problem, we got a sample of Jacobean, English Chestnut and Ebony, and I'm trying to achieve a very dark floor.
Unfortunately the yellow pops out no matter what.

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Sorry that's a sample of Red Oak with Minwax Jacobean

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We bought a tiny bungalow. The floors were in awful condition. Someone suggested to us to use Minwax Dark Walnut #2716 to hide the stains, etc.
I've done three coats on the bedrooms with a coat of poly, and will be going back with more poly. Sorry, no pics of those yet, but here is a pic of the living room, with just one coat of Dark Walnut stain on it.


After (this is just one coat)

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In MinWax you may try Provincial. Brown always has a bit of red in it and you are staining over red oak so a hint will come though.

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Thank you all for your replies;

@gemini60; We are also doing the 31/4"
@Guiseppe; The Jacobean looks nice so far
@springlering; The bottom pics are with 3 coats of the walnut and one coat of poly? That looks like a nice dark color. I doubt the builder will do more than one coat of any color.
@woodfloorpro; unfortunately, a bit of red is what I don't want. looking for a nice dark bown color without looking black.
Does anyone have experience with mixing 2 Minwax colors?

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I'm in the exact same boat, I want the same color but I can't get the mix right.

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We did our living room floors in Dark Walnut and our kitchen Jacobean.

Dark Walnut:


Hard to explain the difference, but while the Jacobean is darker, the Dark Walnut is a little "richer," IMO.

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sas95, both really nice, is it possible to see a close up of the grain?

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Try mixing the two, just remember the formula for your contractor. Mine are lighter, but I think I did 1/4 one color plus 3/4th the second color.

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@sas95, They both look great! Just like GiuseppeM, if it is not too much to ask, can we see a close up of the grain? Reason I ask is b/c the color looks so rich and uniform, something that I just don't see with the oak wood. Do you have oak and also did your floor person use any special technique on your floors? Ie "water popping"?

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I will take pictures and try to post them tonight or tomorrow. Yes, it is oak wood. I will say that the Jacobean stain in the kitchen is NOT uniform. You'll see when I post close-ups that the grain is very visible, but we wanted a visible grain. With the Dark Walnut in the living room, the grain is less visible, but probably because the LR floors are 50 years old and the kitchen floor is brand new-- so different wood.

However, the flooring guy did samples for us of the Jacobean and the Dark Walnut both with and without water popping. As I said, we wanted a visible grain, but if you are looking for something more uniform, the water popping would probably work better for you.

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sas95, Thanks, I can't wait to see the close up! Hopefully, btw the two, one of them will work for me.

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Sorry for the delay in posting these. I couldn't get my act together photography-wise.

This is the Jacobean:

This is the Dark Walnut:

Hope this helps.

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I read online that Dura Seal was a great brand and asked the floor guy to buy a couple samples of their stain.
The dark one is called Coffee Brown (1 coat) and the lighter one is called Spicy Brown (2 coats of stain). They both have 1 coat of water based finish and the floor was sanded with 100. The other color that you see on the right is Cherry.
Dura Seal is definitely a better brand than Minwax, the color is richer and the oak absorbed it more evenly.
Also you can apply multiple coats of stain, while Minwax contains a finish in it so the second coat never gets absorbed properly.

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i can't find the button to edit a previous post, does anyone know if it's possible?

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@sas95, thank you for taking the time to get the close ups. They both look great. I know you mentioned the "water popping" but are those final floors are stained without water popping?
@Guiseppe, What did you decide to go with? That duraseal color def. gives a darker color without the yellow. You never know though b/c I think @sas's Jacobean looks great and I just don't see any hint of yellow in those floors.

This decision is a tough one (for me it is the ENTIRE flooring on our new construction home)! The only place I did tile is the foyer and bathrooms!

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Yes, those are final floors stained without water popping. The samples with the water popping took out pretty much all of the grain.

Just my opinion, but if I were doing my entire house one color I'd pick the Dark Walnut over the Jacobean. It's a little lighter, but still dark, and I think it's prettier and less "trendy" looking. The only reason I did Jacobean in the kitchen was that the slight green undertone in the Jacobean worked really well with my green kitchen cabinets.

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I have Jacobean throughout my home, I too wanted dark brown floors. I like the Coffee above but honestly, they go on really dark and then lighten. I almost had a heart attack as I saw the Jacobean going down. I have NO green in my JB. I see more yellow actually. I LOVE my floors! I think it compliments my woodworking through home. You can see from the camera that in some places it looks much darker. It does lighten, I also put on a matte shine.

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@peytonroad do you have a password to see the pictures

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i am also building a new home and need to decide on a flooring color for the entire house. we are doing cherry cabinets but LOVE dark walnut floors. we are afraid with cherry it will be too dark in the kitchen. we also have 2 large dogs and have heard that dark stains are terrible with pets because they show the scratches big time. we are wondering if we should go for the dark color we love, go lighter with a medium stain like special walnut or provincial, or just leave them natural to avoid the scratching. i really don't like the natural color at all though.

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I am having my red oak floors refinished next week and I am undecided on the color. I love dark floors. So I am considering. A mix of ebony and jacobean or dark walnut with some ebony mixed in. Or how about a mix of all 3. Any ideas ??

Giuseppem . love the coffee brown. Is that 1 coat and is it or was it water popped

Sas95. Love the floors. And a beautiful home

Sorry I have no pics but I will do before and afters

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