Pharmanex multivitamins - anyone take these?

scraphappyJanuary 18, 2007

Hi - I usually hang out on the Quilting Forum - just wandered over here to ask if anyone else has any experience with these products? I am 64, in reasonably good health, and on an annual eye checkup, asked my eye Dr. what vitamins he would recommend specifically for eye health, as there is macular degeneration in my family history - my eyes are very healthy so far and I want to keep it that way. His office recently started this program encouraging the use of the Pharmanex Lifepak vitamins, and I signed up - having some reservations now, though. They stipulate two packets of these a day - that's 14 capsules of various components - and it isn't cheap. I'm concerned about maybe it's TOO many vitamins - some are way over the RDA, and all I really wanted was eye health care. Anyone have any experience with these? I recently called their 800# to cut back the automatic deliveries to give me a 1-packet a day supply, instead of 2, and got the hard-sell speel that I would really be neglecting my health if I only took 1 packet (7 capsules) . . etc. etc. etc. Any thoughts would be appreciated. (It's $113/mo with shipping for the 2/day box) I'm not concerned about the "anti-aging" slant on it - just eyes and general health.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's part of their website

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I haven't taken these "vitamins" but I will offer a few comments.

The website is obviously well-funded and slickly designed. Unfortunately, I could not find any information on the contents of this product. I would think, given the build up, that they would be eager to tell you exactly what is in it. Most professional-level supplement companies do provide this information on their multivitamins. Some of the components they do mention, like lycopene, do not have any agreed upon daily values. Many times, these components are provided at "fairy dusting" levels useful only for marketing purposes, often far below the therapeutic levels quoted in the medical literature. Usually the more expensive the raw materials, the smaller the final dosage in the product, especially if you have to pack in 50 or 60 components.

Without the content information, it is impossible to assess the quality of the product. The incessant hype about nanotechnology is just that. I have neither seen nor heard of anything in the medical literature that supports their claim that nanotechnology provides a superior carrier for nutrients. In fact, my understanding is that nanotechnology is in its infancy. I am continually amazed that people who would never purchase a 1.0 incarnation of a piece of software (like the current Microsoft Vista) will naively purchase the latest "technology" in medicine. The same wisdom applies in both cases - new or untested medical technology is buggy! If you need examples, look at PremPro or Vioxx.

Given the hard sell, the guilt-tripping rap of their reps, and the lack of information that would allow an informed consent, I would say that this product is both overpriced and overhyped at the very list. I personally would not support a company that operates in this fashion.

If you are looking for supplements specifically for eye health, consult a reputable naturopathic doctor, botanical medicine specialist, or Chinese medical practitioner trained in herbal medicine.

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Thanks for the comments. I just feel I was directed to this product by, in my opinion, a reputable healthcare provider (eye Dr.) and trusting him and his advice, began taking these. I'm thinking now I may just use up what I have, and cancel them. With a little research, I feel I can continue to maintain my good health without them. After all, one of their main claims to fame is the anti-aging properties of their product, and at 64 I'm not too concerned about that!

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I don't take any vitamins since I read a report that said there is no benefit from vitamins at all for women. We are wasting our money if we buy them. I am sure it would include men, but they only tested women.

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