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bmaybeJanuary 17, 2014

while trying to investigate this rx relief card by Health Alliance, i ran across one for AARP. Guess what? Both rx cards are sponsored/adjudicated by this company called CATAMARAN. One card states savings up to 75%. The other states savings of up to 38%. However, CATAMARAN is behind both. Are these cards suspect?

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Ask your pharmacist. There was a lot of talk on another forum, and it seems these are legit, just a marketing deal by the pharma companies, aimed at people without other prescription drug coverage. But check out your prices for the meds that you take with your pharmacist.

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I did sign up to this site by researching the health alliance cards. I am so glad I did! Great information on this subject and more places to research. I love gardening and this site is outstanding! What a wonderful resource! I will definitely be visiting a lot!

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