Out of sorts....

gloriamApril 5, 2006

I'm feeling out of sorts and just needed to talk. I lost my

daughter Brenda 20 months ago and I so miss here. I stopped

my meds for depression about 2 months ago and I was doing

ok, but this week has me missing her and crying over any

thing that relates to her. I know I will be ok because I am

a strong person, but sometimes I just need a little help or

something. I came here last night also, I was feeling lonely

and blue. DH goes to bed at 10:00 pm and the house was so

quiet I couldn't stand it. I am a night person. I was so

happy last week because the weather was changing, I just

love spring and warm weather. Now this week its damp,windy,

and not nice enough to go out. And I feel down. But

it does help a little to come here. I will end post now.

Thank you for being here.

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Gloria, I feel sure these ups and downs are very, very normal due to the heartbreaking loss you have experienced. I am sure you have thought carefully about going off the meds for depression. You seem a little lonely, so be sure you are doing things during the day that put you in touch with others like lunch or a movie with a friend, visit with a neighbor, take a class, etc. Take good care of yourself, do things you like to do.

Don't worry...spring will come, and you will feel better. It's a time of rebirth, and may your tender spirit be lifted by the beauty of new life.


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