back surgery

rabbit8January 11, 2008

I recently had back surgery and now I'm looking for a real firm mattress. I need help in finding one. Please help me in this matter.

Thanks in advance.

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Put a piece of plywood under the one you have while you are looking. It will help a lot.
Linda C

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You may be more comfortable with a very firm spring and a softer mattress. The plywood under the mattress is a very good idea. You may find that it is exactly what you need. A too firm mattress isn't a good idea either. It doesn't allow the shoulders and hips to sink low enough to keep the spine in a straight line.

Get someone to go with you to try out mattresses. Get them to look at the line of your spine as you try them out.

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Good luck on your recovery.
I have a bad back also. I learned (and the doctor concurred), that I need a firm but not totally firm mattress.
It's quite a bit of money, but the Select Comfort is great. You can set a firmness level from 1 to 100. If there are 2 in the bed, each side can be a different firmness
Good luck.

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Oddly I seem to sleep pretty well on futon's and have a bad back. Good quality futons have a lot of wooden slats that have just a tiny bit of give.

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