Protecting my patio table-need help!

lishaanaDecember 9, 2009

I've cross posted in porches and decks and pools forums as well.

My previous post about choosing a patio table fell off the decorating forum. But this is the table we ended up with (96x48 in size)

We had the new patio table delivered late in the season. It's composition is described as: "Our tabletops are made of stained glass and a natural cement-like stone blend (similar to a statuary piece)"

We cannot move the table inside for the winter(It is very large(96" x 48") and weighs almost 800lbs.

The weather had been nice up until this week. We hadn't covered it for the winter yet. However, in the last few days we received about an inch or 2 of unexpected snow followed by rain. Once the rain stops, does the table top have to be completely dry before putting the cover on? Should I dry it first?(obviously I will wipe it down as much as possible before covering it) How would I go about doing that if the temp outside is in the 40's.(?hair dryer at low temp?)? I worry about the moisture freezing and causing hairline cracks in the table top (forecast is for freezing temps later this week)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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Absolutely gorgeous table!!

Yes, you are right to worry about cracks and it should be covered with a waterproof cover. It is the moisture freezing and thawing,not the freezing temperatures that cracks cement planters. I would dry off any apparent moisture and then cover it, but put a couple of blocks under the tarp so you have some air flow. The next sunny day when the temperature is above freezing take the cover off and let the sun dry it more. Then cover it again before nightfall. I have hung clothes out when the temperature is 5 C--that's around 40 F and they are almost dry when I bring them in so the sun should dry any remaining moisture on your table.

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thanks for the advice! the sun is out today, so i've uncovered it and will cover it tonight.

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