feeling of lump in throat, but nothing is there

maddie_in_kyJanuary 16, 2004

I have this feeling when I swallow like there is a lump of mucous in the back of my throat. It's not painful, just annoying. I do cough, and have occassional hoarseness.

I have had my throyoid checked, and x-rays of my throat, and nothing. Dr. did a look with a flashlight, and then felt around with his fingers, nada.

Anyone ever have this? Heard of it?


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Sometimes I have a little of this----and I can only think that it's sinus related. Do you have sinus problems or a lot of congestion?

At the risk of being laughed at, I'm going to tell you what a doctor told me several years ago----if you have a sore throat, eat potato chips. The salt draws out the infection.

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